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How to Hire the Best Personal Assistant


One of the key roles within any organisation is that of a personal assistant. Working closely with senior managerial figures, they are a key cog in the wheel of business. Personal assistants will usually carry out a wide variety of critical tasks on behalf of the manager they support. In addition, they will often be the first point of contact for internal or external customers trying to get hold of the manager or CEO in question.

How to Hire the Best Personal Assistant

The importance of this role means that hiring the best PA possible is vital. When done correctly, they can give the superior level of support needed by senior figures while also helping the company to grow in turn. If you are currently looking for a new PA, the below are some of the most crucial things to factor in:

Consider Using a Specialist Recruitment Agency

Perhaps the best tip when it comes to hiring a top-class PA is using a specialist recruitment agency to help. If you are based in London for example, finding a recruitment agency in London to assist is a great idea. Using this sort of agency will make finding a quality PA much less time-consuming as they do all the hard work for you.

You simply let them know what you require in a candidate and they send you the best fit from their books to interview. Just remember to pick an agency which specialises in PA recruitment – rather than general recruitment – for best results.

Pay Attention To Their Personality

Once you get to the interview stage, a number of factors come into play. A critical one is how well you feel their personality gels with yours and how well they would fit into the overall business culture. You will work closely with your PA, so it is key to hire someone who you get along with.

In addition, they will come into contact with a wide range of people from inside your company and also external people. You need to be sure they are professional and can convey the right image to any clients or customers who want to reach you.

Take Note Of Previous Experience

Another important area to note is the previous experience any candidate has. While you may decide to hire someone who is taking their first steps on this career path, most businesses would prefer a candidate with past experience. This is key as it provides a measurable way to ascertain their competence and to check their past success in the role.

When looking through their CV, it is also worth paying attention to why they left their last PA job. If the reason they give worries you, at least you have the chance to investigate further during the interview.

Set a Test Task

One very popular interview tactic now is to ask candidates to complete a set task that is relevant to the role. The exact test will differ for each business as it should reflect what your particular PA role will involve. Whether it is checking their telephone manner, getting them to type up an e-mail or testing their typing skills, it is a valuable way to check their skillset before hiring.

Hire the Best pa Around

As the above shows, there are some great tips to take on-board if you are looking for a new Personal Assistant. While finding someone to fill this specialist role can seem tricky, it does not have to be like that. If you pay attention to a few crucial factors when searching, then you will soon find the perfect person to employ.

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