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How to Grab an Expired Domain?


What is the domain?

The domain is the identity of the website, the name through which the audience, clients, and other internet users can find you on search engines. Moreover, the domain is the address of your site the same as your house has an address.

How to Grab an Expired Domain

Grabbing domain

In the early days, domain grabbing was much easier than now. Whenever a domain expires, it automatically drops and was available to anyone. And the one who reaches the registrar sooner gets the domain name. But nowadays domain grabbing is different. When a domain name expires, the registrars auction the domain and earn additional revenue. Therefore, the highest bidder gets the domain name. Besides this, if no one bids for the domain, it is dropped and available to everyone.

When domains reach the auction?

Domain reaches the expiry when the domain owner does not renew it. But it does not go to the auction immediately. However, it is displayed in the auction list that is scheduled in the near future. One domain is auctioned to one auction service as auction can take place at a specific location.

How to join a domain auction?

If you are interested in buying or grabbing an expired domain, then you need to join the domain auction well in time. The procedure is discussed below:

1. Find the domain registrar

The major domain registrar has a specific auction partner. To find the domain auction, the first step is to find who the domain registrar is? WHOIS is the site where you can find the domain registrar easily.

2. Find the auction partner

Once you find the registrar, you can find the auction partner. Well-known auction houses are Godaddy Auction, NameJet Action, etc. Always track the domain at the auction house so that you can acquire it.

3. Wait for the domain drop

Be a fancy gambler and wait for others to bids. There is always a chance that no one is interested in the domain and hence it will drop. Hence, you can buy it from any registrar at a cheap price. But if it is not the case then skip this step and move towards step 4.

4. Bid on time

If you are interested in any domain name, then place a backorder before the domain hits the expiry which varies from 0-45 days. A backorder allows you to observe the domain status and determine the time of the auction as well.


When you are interested in grabbing any expired domain, it is necessary to keep an eye on its status. Be well prepared with your homework such as to determine the domain registrar and auction company. Moreover, do not bid earlier as there is always a chance that the domain drops. Hence, you can buy at local rates i.e., $10. If it is not the case then do effective bidding and then you can grab the domain name easily. Make your budget well defined to avoid any losses and future problems.


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