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How to Find the Best Anchorage Attorneys for Your Personal Injury Claims


There are so many vehicle, aircraft and other types of accidents taking place in cities and rural areas in Alaska. If you are the victim of such an incident, it is important to consult with—and ultimately hire—one of the Top Attorneys In Anchorage. To find such a representative, you should find attorneys experienced with such types of cases that will know how to take your case from that initial meeting to trial and beyond, if necessary. There is certain information an attorney should know—and tell you about—in order to make you feel comfortable that you are retaining the top Anchorage attorneys.

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In 2017, Alaska experienced 79 fatalities in 75 fatal crashes. Although this may be a 6% decrease in the number of fatalities and a 4% decrease in the number of fatal accidents since 2016, the number of fatalities is one too large. The facts also show that there are also between 250-300 serious crashes and approximately 3,000 minor collisions each year. If you are one of these crash victims and you get hurt, how can you protect your rights and your wallet? A good start is to contact Top Attorneys In Anchorage Alaska.

When it comes to automobile collisions, the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles requires a person involved to (1) evaluate the damage to your vehicle and the any other vehicles involved, (2) exchange information with any other driver(s) including, such information being the other driver’s name, phone number, address, license plate number, driver’s license number, and insurance information, (3) submit a Certificate of Insurance (something to be done within 15 days), (4) inform the local police department (or Alaska State Troopers, if appropriate) and (5) submit an Alaska Motor Vehicle Crash Form to the Alaska DMV. Attorneys with relevant experience know how to guide you through this process.

If the incident did not involve automobiles, but rather some sort of aircraft, the rules and procedures are somewhat different. An experienced aircraft accident attorney is able to protect the rights of yourself and others.

Between January 1998 and December 2017, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported that more than 2,257 aircraft crashes that took place in Alaska. While the average annual number has decreased over this period, there were still 72 crashes in 2017, a number in excess of what it should be, and far in excess of every other State except for Hawaii.

Why are plane and helicopter crashes more frequent in Alaska?

Commonly, businesses fail to avail themselves of technologies that could prevent many of these fatal incidents. Also, many are caused by human error or negligence by relevant companies or municipalities. When you are injured or a loved one is injured or killed as a result of an aircraft accident, it is important to consult Top Attorneys In Anchorage Alaska that employ experienced aircraft accident attorneys.

Competent aircraft accident attorneys will know, pursuant to Alaska Statute §09.10.070, that any lawsuit seeking monies related to personal injuries or wrongful death must be filed within two (2) years.

Missing this above-stated deadline to file your lawsuit will almost always cause the defendants to file papers seeking to dismiss your lawsuit. Without having been granted an extension of this deadline, which is difficult to obtain, your case will be dismissed by the Court and you will be forever unable to recover monies. This is so even if the injuries and damages were unequivocally another person’s fault.

When it comes to aircraft accidents, qualified attorneys will know and explain to you that awards for injuries may be had for (1) economic damages (including medical bills, lost wages, etc.), (2) non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering), (3) emotional distress, (4) wrongful death, and (5) loss of consortium (when the injured person is unable to perform as they did before, the spouse or other family members may be entitled to a monetary award). Economic damages are objective and commonly provable with the presentation of documentary evidence. The rest are more subjective and, therefore, a qualified personal injury attorney must present the facts to a judge or jury in such a way that they are convinced that such awards are warranted.

Whether it comes to injuries arising out of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, train accidents, aircraft accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, products liability, defamation, police brutality and even some intentional torts, there are personal injury attorneys available to help prosecute your claim in a timely and proper way, giving you the best chance at achieving the highest payout possible. After all, in any traumatic event where injuries result, it is difficult to learn how to properly prosecute a case, especially when you are dealing with the attendant emotions. Why not let attorneys with educational training and years of experience handle the heavy lifting?

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