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How to Choose the Best Cardiac Hospital for Your Heart


Why does one need to find the right cardiac hospital?
Finding a place with the right treatment plan for heart problems can prove to be overwhelming. With the numerous options available, one will find themselves in over their head as to where exactly they need to go. It is important to remember that every person’s heart is different and requires special and specific attention in order to ensure its health. Ensuring the right hospital that will cater to the patient’s particular needs is arduous, but it is the effort and care required to keep the heart-healthy. How does one go about finding the best cardiac hospital for their heart?

How to Choose the Best Cardiac Hospital for Your Heart

How does one go about choosing the Best Hospital in Bangalore?

There are multiple standards by which one can compare cardiac hospitals to find the best heart hospital in Bangalore. By weighing the options through careful consideration of six characteristics makes way to find the right cardiac hospital. The following features are for guidance in that matter:

1. Patient Density

Statistically, hospitals that treat a high volume of patients with similar procedures have better patient outcomes. Some studies prove that hospital centers that have performed complicated procedures numerous times have improved patient outcomes. This can be seen in the 2010 study on the effect of hospital volume, surgeon experience, and surgeon volumes on patient outcomes, where it was observed that in high-volume centers, there are “major differences in individual surgeons’ experience and volume.”

2. Affiliations

A smart characteristic to check is to see what the cardiac hospital has affiliations with. Are they affiliated with a major hospital network? Or do they participate in charity and special needs programs that aid those with lower socioeconomic statuses? Some people prefer hospitals that put an emphasis on the health of not only their own patients but those outside of the hospital population. Others may prefer hospitals that focus only on their patients and do their best with what is in front of them.

3. Hospital Infrastructure

It is important to check for the quantity and quality of the cardiac hospital’s infrastructure. When opting for a cardiac hospital in Bangalore, look for modern Cath Labs (cardiac catheterization laboratories), which are staffed by a team of medical practitioners, cardiac physiologist, radiographer and a nurse. This team of healthcare professionals is key to quick and accurate diagnoses of cardiac issues. Choosing the best heart hospital in Bangalore should include choosing the equipment each hospital has.

4. Cardiac Staff

Heart hospitals have not only cardiac surgeons and cardiologists but also cardiac occupational therapists, cardiac nurses, cardiac physiologists, invasive and non-invasive cardiologists, etc. There might be a greater need for non-invasive cardiologists if the patient does not want angioplasties or stents but rather needs stress tests, nuclear cardiology, heart monitors and CT scans. Whereas in more serious situations, both an invasive cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon might be needed to be followed up by a cardiac occupational therapist to keep one’s health steady.

5. Recommendations

A more common route to finding a cardiac hospital is through referrals and recommendations. This can be from primary care physicians or fellow heart patients. The more recommendations a hospital gets, the more likely it has better patient outcomes. In addition to this, if a patient’s primary care physician refers to a specific hospital, it is likely through the knowledge of that hospital’s key characteristics such as its staff, patient volume, affiliations and infrastructure. Most people trust this knowledge and choose the heart hospital that is recommended or referred.

6. Presence in Cardiac Clinical Research and Trials

A less common characteristic to consider is the hospital’s participation in clinical research and clinical trials. Chances are, if usual treatment methods do not work, there is a probability for clinical trial offers that may work. This would be useful for those with rarer and harder to treat heart issues. Nonetheless, participation in clinical trials only opens the windows to treatment methods and is more vast in the ways a diagnosis can be treated.

What does one have to do now after finding the best heart hospital in Bangalore for them?

It’s simple. Try it out. The patient has to be honest and forthcoming about their issues and take the time to create a relationship with their cardiac team to see if they fit the needs of the patient. Once the search for the best heart hospital in Bangalore is narrowed down, all that is left is to actually visit the hospital and make the judgment on whether it is right for the patient or should go for another option.


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