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Tiny Updates to Freshen Up Your Hotel and Attract More Guests


When deciding on where to stay during their vacation, people usually look for comfort and small luxuries that they might not have at home. They also look for good value for money, and in terms of that, both appearance and functionality matter. However, this doesn’t mean you have to completely remodel your hotel every year. There are many smaller changes you can make that would keep your hotel up to date and your guests interested. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions you should consider.

Tiny Updates to Freshen Up Your Hotel and Attract More Guests

Everybody loves presents

First impressions are very important in every business, and people love presents. It doesn’t have to be anything that would make you break the bank, but a small package of some local candy and a small souvenir can go a long way. You can also add a few brochures about what they can do in the city, and maybe a map. This way, you’d make your hotel more memorable for them, and they’d be much more likely to recommend it after such a thoughtful welcome.

Offer free Wi-Fi

In this day and age, there aren’t many things you can do without the Internet. Whether we are talking about work, entertainment, or simply staying in touch with family and friends, most people use the Internet on a daily basis. This is why you should have it available in every room – or at least in one larger area near the reception. You can unlock it completely, or you can add the name and password to your room keychains.

Change your linen

Many hotels tend to use the same patterned linens that look and feel synthetic. Needless to say, they are very unlikely to impress any guests, and they aren’t the most pleasing first sight. Guests want quality, so opt for something that shows that you care. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either – solid-colored linen, plush, or white duvets are a good choice if you want to play it safe. They’d brighten up the room, and if you choose neutral shades, you’d make the rooms feel more spacious as well.

Pay attention to design

When furnishing your rooms, keep in mind your guests’ lifestyle. As mentioned, some of them might be working online. This means that adding a comfortable and modern chair would definitely be appreciated. Also, your guests want to be able to relax after a long trip. Therefore, don’t hesitate to check out a bed sale and choose comfortable beds for your guests. Pay special attention to incorporating a soft and beautiful carpet, and those from the latest Miss Amara HK offer can do the trick. All in all, when it comes to furniture, functionality and comfort matters more than anything else. Luckily, finding furniture that is both practical and attractive is not that difficult.

Change the layout

Speaking of furniture, don’t be afraid to be different, and change the layout a bit. It’s a completely inexpensive way to spice up your rooms. No, your sofa doesn’t have to be against the wall, and juxtaposing different items could leave a great impression on your guests. Of course, you should still keep the functionality in mind. For example, the desk should be near the power outlets so your guests can use their laptops and charge them at the same time. And your bed shouldn’t be right across the window, so the sun doesn’t shine straight into your guest’s face in the morning.

Repaint the walls

One of the best ways to upgrade the appearance of your rooms is to repaint them. True, this might be a bit more time-consuming project, but nobody says you have to paint every room at once. As for the colors, you can’t go wrong with natural, neutral tones, but pastels are very popular as well. Guests want modernity and comfort, so if your rooms are plain white or soft yellow at the moment, it’s time for some makeover.

Update the art

There are many hotels who opt for those typical pictures that either evoke very little emotion or none at all. They are very rarely related to the hotel’s theme and serve only to fill in some empty wall space. If you happen to have any such pictures, replace them with something more relevant. For example, you can rent some local art from your local gallery in exchange for promotion. Or, you can display artwork that represents your city, like pictures of local landmarks and famous tourist sites. You can also find many unique vintage pieces, so don’t hesitate to get creative with this part of decorating.

Every good hotel owner wants his guests to return and spread the word of their great experience at the hotel. However, in order for that to happen, you have to make your guests’ stay memorable. So, consider the listed tips, apply those you haven’t already, and you can rest assured that your hotel will become the talk of the town.

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