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How Does a No Win No Fee Guarantee Work


A legal battle is not only a long-drawn process, but it can be expensive as well. The fees associated with fighting a case often deter victims from seeking rightful compensation. When a victim gets injured in a car crash, at the workplace, due to medical negligence, or any other reason, they have a right to file a personal injury claim. Often, these accidents can leave the victim bedridden and unable to work.

How Does a No Win No Fee Guarantee Work

However, some victims find it hard to file any case and seek fair compensation because of legal fees. This is where the concept of “No Win, No Fee” comes in. To learn about it in detail, you can visit sites like lawadvice.com.au or read ahead.

What Does No Win No Fee Mean?

“No Win No Fee” falls under the contingency fee arrangement. It is an agreement or understanding between you and your lawyer. Under this arrangement, you will not have to pay your lawyer a contingency fee if your legal claim is not successful, that is, if the lawyer can’t win the case. Here, ‘win’ has a broad definition. It could mean that the ruling is either in your favour, a resolution of the case via an agreement or a settlement.

Is No Win No Fee Helpful?

For those who cannot pursue a legal case because they may be unable to pay high legal fees, a No Win No Fee arrangement can be beneficial. Victims do not have to fret about paying high fees upfront and can instead focus on recovering.

Additionally, such an agreement ensures that the focus is on the client, as the lawyers will only receive a fee when they win the case. Thus, the burden is taken off of the client, and it also helps level the field during court proceedings.

What Happens if the Case Is Won?

If you pursue a case with this arrangement and win, you are obligated to pay the legal fees. Usually, in these cases, the legal fees are calculated ahead of a win and sometimes included in the settlement amount. Most of the time, legal firms follow a policy where the other party must cover the legal costs of the battle, and victims can keep 100% of the settlement amount.

Hence, you do not have to worry about securing funds to pay the legal fees. To learn more about how the legal fees are calculated for a No Win No Fee case, you can visit websites online. Generally, the following are included in the final cost:

  • General Expense Fees: Helps cover general costs for services such as photocopies, couriers, faxes, and more.
  • Disbursement Fees: Helps cover costs associated with medical reports, court fees, and expert fees.
  • Professional Service Fees: Helps cover the cost of your legal team’s time. In some cases, this may also include an uplift fee to express gratitude for the team taking up your case, even with the risk of losing their legal fees.

With a No Win No Fee guarantee, victims can pursue a legal case without the worry of expensive legal fees. Now, victims do not have to worry about their rightful compensation claims being denied, especially when they are up against big insurance companies.


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