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How Do You Want to Be Remembered


Everyone wants to leave behind a legacy and be remembered when they pass away. To be immortal in people’s thoughts and prayers, it is important to live with that aim. With humility, kindness and gestures, that will make you unforgettable. When it comes to one’s grave, we want to choose something that reminds our loved ones about us. Whether it is choosing Grave Markers for Cemetery in Maryland, or your headstone, there are varieties of options out there which can be chosen from.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered

1. Choosing the perfect headstone material – When it comes to a headstone, there are a lot of options. According to the area you live in and the climatic conditions, you can choose accordingly. Granite was used mostly in the past. Now, materials like Quartz, porcelain, marble, wood and much more. Some materials wear out quicker than others, so take that into consideration. Also, choose according to your budget and cost. Choose Eastern Memorials to get the best Flat Grave Markers in Maryland.

2. Adding the perfect Epitaph – The best way to remember the one who passed away is to add the perfect epitaph. It could be short and simple, or even longer as you like. These words are generally dedicated by the family of the deceased in their loving memory.

3. Add personalized portraits – Now you can even add a picture of your loved ones on grave markers. These are generally ceramic, but can be also added to porcelain or other materials. This is a sweet way to remember a loved one, or your pets that pass away.

4. Add customized designs near their grave – You can design a bench, or even assemble some customized stones near the grave of the deceased. The best way to remember them is to make the area personalized, like the personality of the one who passed away. A lot of people also add sculptures on their grave, which can either be of the deceased or depict someone else. You can add wings to the tombstone or add sculpture of a child or an angel to make it look more memorable.

5. Add religious quotations and symbols – If the deceased was a religious person, then you can add quotes from the Holy Books. Also, add symbols like the cross on their tombstone. Adding an angel sculpture or wings on their tombstone is also another way to add religious features into the grave markers.

6. Other ways to decorate – You can place flags to honour the deceased. Also, plant some seasonal flowers which will look pretty as they bloom. Many people also install solar lights, which stay illuminated during the night as well and look really fascinating. Relatives add toys or other stuffed animals around too as a gift. Jews often place small stones on the grave according to their faith.

If you cannot decide the best ideas to make a grave marker memorable, then look up for more information on Eastern Memorials. They will help you design accordingly and choose the perfect materials. They offer services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington.

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