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How Can Technology Drive eCommerce with its 3A’s?


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As we mark the middle of 2018, the hunt for ecommerce trends is still a new high. Whether you are an established ecommerce company or a newbie, you need the latest steps to rise your business and to a have a seat in the online marketplace. Every year technology upgrades and new innovations come in. For you, it is very important to keep a track of these moves so as to remain competitive.

Technology is one major part of the important trends that is playing a vital role in improving the performance. Let us discuss about that:

1. AI

How can technology drive ecommerce with its 3As

As the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing day by day, so is the use of natural language processing. This will help in getting better search results. It can also be seen that AI will keep a track of customer’s cart so as to monitor the behavior with the capabilities which is beyond the ability of humans. This way large productive sales can be seen. Chabot’s is one such eminent part of AI which can deal with the customers directly and make the system highly efficient. AI will make catboats to handle lot of tasks from having conversations to taking care of the order processing. Alexa, which is a virtual assistant of Amazon, is a great example of AI generation. In short, AI aims to speed up the interactions and processes to make the system more efficient.

2. AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is the application part of the technology segment. It focuses on the product use and its application. AR has the ability to apply things in a digital environment so as to make its visual and show to customer how they would model the things in reality. For example, if someone is looking for sunglasses, then he/she can simply upload a selfie and then AR will digitally superimpose the chosen sunglass on the selfie so as to see how it would appeal. This way, decision making becomes easy and fast.

3. AD

Digital marketing is another tool that has the power to increase the sales drastically. It lets you advertise your campaigns and show ads to the desired audience. Pay per click advertising is a great way to publicize your product. This increases the ROI and gives you a good jump in your business. Using Digital Marketing Services you can optimize the website as per SEO standards and start with marketing tools, to enhance the sales.

Ecommerce industry is growing rapidly and seeing the increasing competition, it has become very important for any E commerce website development company to pay great amount of attention to the latest and the changing trends in the market, to stay a step ahead of the competitors. Planning the execution smartly needs with good strategic moves and a well assisted approach, so as to convert as many potential customers as possible. If you are unaware of the system, you can look for e commerce development services to have the best of the opportunities.

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