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How Businesses Are Using Augmented Reality For Next-Gen Transformation


A few years ago, technologies like AR and VR sounded miraculously groundbreaking. But as we are rapidly moving towards digital disruption, these technologies seem to be more practical than a next-door gimmicky feature.

Talking about the applications of augmented reality for business, it has made a drastic change regarding how companies used to do business with their customers. Regardless of industries, organizations are deeply experiencing technological advancement.

How Businesses Are Using Augmented Reality For Next-Gen Transformation

Augmented Reality in the Retail Industry

AR is easing a variety of significant aspects of the retail industry, which is helping companies in scaling their business:

  • Improved Customer Experience – With technology advancements like virtual reality, companies are now able to provide useful information on the go.
  • Supply Chain Enhancement – Vendors are managing complex supply chains easily using AR apps. From checking inventory to products, everything is a scan away.
  • Better Warehouse Management – With advanced AR-based applications, vendors and workers are able to better navigate through large inventories.

Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

Automotive is the fastest evolving industry, and augmented reality development is playing wonders in terms of:

  • Safety Improvements – With an AR application, engineers can visualise even a tiny flaw without disrupting the other processes.
  • Informative Marketing – Companies are offering a complete buying experience rather than explaining through product brochures.
  • Faster Maintenance – This modern technology is aiding companies in performing faster vehicle maintenance. With dedicated apps, the engineers can scan and spot the issue and reduce the maintenance turnaround.

AR Marvels in Architecture Domain

3D modelling is now just the beginning of the wholesome experience, and AR is taking the architecture craftsmanship a level above with:

  • Augmented reality architecture model – Designing and building architecture models with attention to details have become possible with AR.
  • Structure Analysis – With the combination of AR and VR, which is known as mixed reality (MR), engineers can quickly perform error-free analysis.
  • 3D Maps – The companies are accentuating their marketing front by offering 3d maps facility to their customers. This is not just helping buyers in a comprehensive understanding of their project but also let customers suggest design changes in a shorter time.

Miracle In Medical

This technology is redefining how medical experts are providing seamless services to patients, including:

  • Faster Diagnosis – The process has now become more accurate than before leveraging AR and other relative technologies.
  • Symptoms Identification – Patients are also now able to identify the symptoms using a mobile application and send reports directly to the doctors.
  • Micro-surgery Advancement – By leveraging augmented reality applications, surgeons are now able to perform precise operations at micro-levels. As these applications help in mapping a virtual image over a real object, it broadens the scope of accuracy.


As children are keener towards technology, this innovation is helping in engagingly delivering knowledge:

  • Visual-based learning – With VR and AR-based applications, students can ‘interact’ with subjects and learn faster.
  • High Teaching Abilities – Now, teachers can effectively deliver tedious study topics with more student engagement.
  • Data-driven Learning – Students are now able to grasp information as it is interactive and presented in a data-driven manner. This type of learning is reducing the learning curve among children.

Furniture & Décor

Both furniture manufacturing and marketing is experiencing a paradigm shift with AR delivering:

  • Real-time visualization: Customers can open the app and explore furniture to decide which one of buy. This is helping companies in growing their online business.
  • Boost in branding: With such advanced technologies, companies can take their marketing game higher to gain an edge over the competition.
  • Real-life Personalization: The furniture personalization is on the verge of transformation with AR. Now customers can experience their desired customization before the real manufacturing takes place.

For Publishers

Be it marketing a book or redefining the complete advertising campaign; AR is letting publishers improve:

  • Engagement rate – As AR and VR are interactive technologies, companies are now able to generate better ROI due to good engagement.
  • Cost Optimization – AR-based campaigns are helping companies save a big amount on marketing in the long run.
  • Retention Rate Improvement – By using these interactive advancements, the publishers are improving the readers’ retention rate by uplifting the learning experience.

Food Industry

The food industry is enormous, and this technology is reshaping its various aspects, including:

  • Staff Training – Companies are benefiting by optimizing the staff training costs through visual AR sessions.
  • Information Availability – Food companies are generating higher sales by providing additional product information during the buying journey.
  • Mitigating Food Processing Errors – AR is helping the assembly line workers to reduce real-time manufacturing and packaging faults by letting them rectify on the go.

These tech advancements of AR are driving the innovation for better today and tomorrow. However, it’s only the beginning, and we are about to experience more miracles from this future-driven tech stack. As the availability of these technologies will increase, a large number of businesses will opt to adopt this digitization.

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