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Home Renovation Tips to Boost Home Value


With everything that we do and every hour we spend working, all we wish for is a beautiful house and a wonderful family to live with, right? Every house owner designs and crafts his house out of his dream wishes. But, with time, the needs change or the moods uplift and people start looking for new houses. In such cases, it is best to remodel or renovate the old house and put it up for sale! The real estate market is largely built on the resale and purchases of old houses served as a new shiny food platter to the new house customers.

Home Renovation Tips to Boost Home Value

To ensure heavy return on investment of the house and boost in its value for sale, we have gathered here a detailed list of things that you can do to renovate your house. Starting from, of course, number one being:

1. Make a list of the things you want to get done

House renovation or remodeling is no joke. It requires attention and investment of both money and the right ideas. Many people go for hiring the interior designers or architecture renovators for this kind of a job as they take reselling of their house very seriously. Thus, if you can afford one, you can get the opinion of an expert on this matter or follow our tips gathered from the first-class real estate agents and dealers all over the world.

The number one on our list is to actually make a list of the things you want to get done within your specified budget. Then, prioritize the list according to your affordability and the return (resale) cost that you’ll be getting after the deal is made. Once the list is good to go, you can start hiring the workers and get your house renovated within days to month’s period.

2. Focus on the structural architect of the house

Once you have lived in the place, you start understanding the petty issues and the minor structuring flaws within the house. While renovating, you can eliminate these flaws. For example, if you want to add space to your cozy bedroom, you can consider joining two rooms by breaking down the wall or adding a special black friday mattress on the floor.

If your drawing seems fit as a TV lounge, you can interchange the infrastructure and the setting to make the drawing feel like a living lounge. From arranging the rooms to setting them up with new furniture, you can do anything you want to spice up the look of your architecture.

This also includes considering changing the chip flooring to wooden flooring or marble flooring in the bedroom or adding false ceiling for better lights in the room. Also, the kitchen restructuring is another solid way to sharpen up your deal and below is written how.

3. Is the kitchen up to date?

For a family, the kitchen is the center of the house where they find the most important thing- the food. From children to adults, everyone has to enter the kitchen for one purpose or the other. At times, it is the hanging out place for the whole family because the mother/ wife is working in the kitchen and oh, who would want to miss tasting the hot, freshly baked cake straight from the oven, right?

Thus, by renovating or upgrading your kitchen, you can increase the value of your house. From the close or open kitchen style to the flooring, the cabinets, and the faucet; you can renovate anything and everything.

“Kitchens will give you one of the biggest returns on your investment”, says Aaron Bowman, a realtor in Connecticut. The point being, you can just change the tiles or the flooring of the place and give it a new look. Replacing the old appliances with the new one is another win-win. With some gourmet-style glass cabinets and classy monorail lighting, you can completely convert the look of the place into a new impressive one.

4. Renovate the washroom! It’s always a big help

Next in line according to my opinion is the bathroom renovation. You need not renovate it completely but replace the old fixtures, toilets, and vanities with the new attractive ones. Other than this, replacing the side walls tiles or the flooring also helps give a shine to your bathroom. The mirror placed in this small room is another catchy thing that appeals the visiting customers.

The location of the bathing area and the toilet also influence the decision of the new family who is willing to buy the place. If you have a large bathroom, then you are lucky as you can go for glass partitioning and hot tub allocation. In case of a small spaced washroom, you need to stay focused on the necessities and work on the things that really matter in the place along with the lights and ventilation of the area.

5. Focus on energy efficient methods

“Energy conservation features can have a significant impact on home value, depending on what area of the country you’re in”, says Joanne Theunissen, chair of the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers. Also that, “Energy conversion feature can have a significant impact on home value, especially in places that experience extreme heat or cold.” Electrician in this regard sell solutions and packages that help conserve energy and reduce the overall electricity bill cost.

Things you can add to your house for energy saving purposes include double-paneled windows, good attic insulation, and replacement of lights with LED lighting. The use of the solar panel to conserve and use the sunlight’s energy is increasing in the West as well as the East as well. These are a one-time expensive yet long-lasting and very effective investment. Going for these solutions can up your house’s price for sure!

6. Paint it all!

Well, according to a 2017 survey by the website Houzz, a home renovation place, around 2/3rd of the real estate agents highly recommend repainting the interior of the house before putting it up for sale. And you know what, it works!

The amazing clean and tidy, beautifully colored walls of the house attract the customers visiting the place and give them the fresh appeal they are looking for. From neutral shades like white, off-white and beige to something funky like dark colored paints in yellow, orange and violet; you can pick one from the array of different colors. Other than this, giving your room walls, dining hall walls and kitchen wall and artistic creative look also help boost the price of the house.

You can go for different paintings for different rooms or vouch for wall art, patterned paints, wallpaper application and what not to give your house an entirely new look!

7. Be high on maintenance

Once you are on the run to maintain your house, you’ll see that you’ll have to spend less and worry less when considering renovating and sale your house. Also, it ensures the healthy well-being of the family in it too. For example, focus on the carpets vacuuming and keeping them clean as they can hide many allergens and contaminating particles in it. Next, keep a check on the wall’s paint. Keep it fresh and repaint the walls after a period of every three to five years to ensure the fresh look. Moreover, keeping a check on the broken appliances and fixtures and fixing them on time before the condition worsens help a lot too.

8. Make landscaping a priority

Landscaping in this regard is the finest way to boost the price of your house. To be honest, the entrance and the exterior of the house is what catches the attention of the surfing family. The way it is lit up and the use of plants to decorate the place needs to be trendy. This why Cassy Aoyagi, president of FormLa Landscaping says, “Some of the most important ROI can be earned outside of the home.” The three easy and cost-effective methods that he shared are as follows:

  • Go for planting the native trees as they reduce the energy costs up to 50% and increases the value of the surrounding homes
  • Also, plant young shrubs and leave ample area for them to grow and blossom. This gives the perfect exterior look and focus to your lawns
  • The use of perennial foliage instead of annual plants also help reduce the costs

Maintaining the landscape has been and will always be considered a win-win idea for upgrading the cost of the house. From the fancy lawns to the heavy artistic exterior look of the house’s gates, the fancy sitting arrangement in the lawn to nicely gardened grass and plant’s pot setting; everything put its input in boosting the sale price of the house.

Would you want to give it a shot?

You definitely should! All of these tips have shown great results and going for even half of them can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one, follow these tips and see how fortunate it turns out for you!

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