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Guide for New SEO Bloggers to Write Plagiarism Free Content


Have you ever imagined selling your products or services without doing their marketing? You might be serving the best quality products but how would the world know about it.

The best way to sell your brand is by marketing it on several platforms such as on the internet and social media.

Now when talking about the internet, marketing your products online on the World Wide Web means you need to have an online presence for which you would need a world class website that is a digital version of your business.

Guide for New SEO Bloggers to Write Plagiarism Free Content

You would have an office where your team would be working upon your products and services, this website will be your digital office where the digital team will work upon marketing your brand.

Some people might not be much clear about the term blogging. It can be explained as marketing your products or services online.

When posts reach out to people on a computer, internet, or any digital marketing, it is referred to as blogging. It comes in a variety of types, such as you can market your products in the form of videos, advertisements, or you can create social media posts.

Check your content for plagiarism

As we discussed about plagiarism above, it is quite important to write content that is not published anywhere on the internet. Our world is filled with different types of brands and businesses but there are millions of web pages that are similar to each other and the chances of writing duplicate content for your website are quite high.

Whether you are running a welfare organization or you deal in hardware products you must have taken some concepts and ideas from other websites while creating your own one. Here there is a chance of having duplicate content or design in your URL.

Duplication leads to serious damages which will not only cost your company but your identity will be in danger if somebody goes against you.

Google about Plagiarism:

Content that is unique and afresh is always appreciated by people and by Google, therefore always go for uniqueness. Google also finds it quite difficult to locate your website if it includes plagiarized content. to avoid it you can always check your content on plagiarism checking websites and tools that are easily available on the internet.

Find any online plagiarism checker to detect duplication of the content can be a task for you because not all of them provide the best results. You have to choose the good ones that will provides authentic results. These kind of websites scans each word and compares it with millions of web pages available on the internet to detect duplicate content.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization that improves the visibility of your website on google search engine result pages SERPs. It helps Google or any other search engine to bring your website to the top of the page so that it reaches the audience better.

From a hundred websites lying on the internet not all of them appear in front of you. You see the websites that have been created with the best SEO and so you click on them.


Due to a lot of traffic on the internet, there is a sea of websites available on the internet that compete with each other, which makes it difficult for a person to come on top. Here’s when you need to do SEO for your website to appear on the top.

Increase Audience:

SEO increases the chances of getting more clicks on a website. It is the reason behind gaining views on your web page. From thousands of clothing brands, you just see the ones which have better titles, content, Meta tags and the list goes on.

Reach out:

SEO improves business and helps people to reach out to their desired audience. It targets people according to the particularities that people search on the internet. There are a number of tools available on the internet that helps people to improve SEO on their websites.


Now that you have gained knowledge about blogging let’s have a look at its benefits. How much time would it take a person selling his/her product face to face? Of course, a person would spend an entire day or two to just sell a few pieces but in blogging the case is different.

There are innumerable people out there whom you are targeting when selling your products online.

Talking about today’s modern era where almost every one of us encompass a smartphone that has an internet connection that is everything a person needs. Your audience just needs to have an internet connection to reach your products and your work will be done.

Although the story doesn’t end here. As the world is modernizing humans are changing their work style. Even if a person is selling hairpins, he/she now prefers blogger which has created a lot of competition amongst people.

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