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20+ Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2024


Search engine submission sites allow you to submit your site or a blog link in a very easy manner for drawing natural traffic to your website. The traffic that comes from natural sources in any website is of utmost priority to raise its page rank and domain authority as well. There are dozens of such search engine submission sites which are available for the search engine optimizers. You can pick any of them by considering the type of website that you have presently. In modern time who want to have a low rank of their website especially when it is a business website and the business is getting affected with the poor rank on search engine. This type of sites saves businessmen and their online business from getting drowned in the hand of poor performance on search engine optimization.

S.NoWebmaster Tools for Indexing Your Site or Blog
1Google Search Console
2Bing Webmaster
3Yandex Webmaster
4Instant Indexing

Instant Indexing (API)

You can also use the Google Instant Indexing (API) method for instant indexing of your blog or web page. It will increase the chance of indexing on SERP within 24 hours. Many bloggers and SEO experts already created videos on YouTube for this feature. So, what are you waiting for? Just integrate the API on your site and index your pages.

What Are Search Engine Submission Sites?

Search engine submission sites are the tribune where you can easily submit high quality links of your website and such other link related to the website posts that matches the category of your website as well. For instance if you are running a website on beauty products then you have to look after the search engine submission sites list that deal with this category of submission. Every type of search engine submission site is unique based on the category and you have to be very much conscious about this fact before opting for any website for your use to increase the traffic of your website. You can make heavy chunks of money by enhancing the profile of your business website in this way as well.

Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2020

How Search Engine Submission Sites Affect The Rank of a Website on Search Engine?

All the search engine submission websites are based on the simple concept that a person submit the link of their website, it could be the link of main website or that of a web page. When you are submitting your site link on any search engine website it results in spreading the popularity of your website. This is because more and more people come to know about your website through this method and they visit it for the purpose.

Search Engine Submission Sites List 2024
1Active Search Result
2Exact Seek
9Url Submission
11Free MicroBlogging Sites

There are search engine submission websites which are charging money in return of accepting your URL while others are doing it for free of cost. You can manage a free search engine submission sites list easily available to grow your business through the traffic obtained from it. Many businessmen, be that small or large are involved in this types of activities to retain their customers by making a visibility and high traffic on the search engine result page. So if you are trying to manage the same for your online business you have to be very much aware of these websites at its early.

Types of Search Engine Submission Sites

There are so many types of search engine submission sites some of them gives good results while others are mediocre in the traffic generation. This is very crucial to make the different between the two types of search engine submission sites because it decides the output of your efforts that are being made by you to submit your URL on these websites. If you are not opting for a best site in this process then there are chances of minimum or neglible traffic even when submitting your link on more than dozen of URL submission sites list available from authentic resources. The single wise decision in the selection of such websites can save you from the poor performance of your business among your competitors.

Tips for Selecting Best Search Engine Submission Site

If you are getting obstacles and dilemma in the selection of search engine submission website that do not get confused and go with some authentic list given by the experts for this purpose. Those who are looking for the submission of their website for free of cost can also switch to the free URL submission sites list that can be availed easily. Always keep in mind that you are handpicking these websites while submitting your link on them.

This is because many of them are just a waste of time as they do not result in anything valuable for the enhancement of the traffic. But if you are wise enough to decide where to hit the target and on which search engine website then it can be useful for you to the core. That is how the selection of the search engine submission websites can be made by the optimizers and website owner.

How to Submit Your URL on the Search Engine Submission Website?

We have discussed so far about the search engine submission sites and their types but the main question that sprouts here is how to submit URL on these sites. Well, it is an easy task that can be performed by handful of skills by the search engine optimization person. These websites mainly ask category in which your website fit exactly and some of other minor details which can easily be filled by anyone. That is how the procedure of URL submission can be completed without any fury and worry on the part of submitter to retain a good traffic with natural way for long time.

Top 20 Search Engine Submission Sites List

This is really a big deal to find out those search engine submission sites that are not asking for any kind of money from the submitter and give high traffic in return. This is because majority of them are just befooling the people by circum-locating the people. If you are also sailing on the same boat and find it hard to get a list of the search engine submission websites then following list s going to be useful for you. You can find more than twenty search engine submission websites in following list which do not require money to accept your URL. So submit your website link on them easily to make sure that your rank is getting improved on the rank of a specific search engine.

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