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Gated Community or Independent Apartments?


Not very long ago, owning an apartment in the capital city like Hyderabad was mere a dream. With more extra cash flushing in the economy, every middle class family wishes to own one of the premium apartments. It’s no more only about exquisiste marbles, flourishing floors. Today, customers are more discerning. Having multiple options in hand one is sure to work on the pros and cons of each one before picking up any one. Exclusivity is one such factor that everyone gets when they go in for gated community apartments. First let’s look into the advantages of gated community when compared to independent flats. You can also find independent living.

Gated community or Independent apartments

1. Regulated vehicle speed

Independent stand-alone apartments do not have enough space for entry of vehicles into the apartments. As it’s closely connected to the busy streets drivers find it difficult to drive out and drive in the apartments. Driving from busy roads to quite residential roads makes it unsafe for drivers due to the high speed at which they drive. In case of gated community, they have to stop due to the security issues which ultimately bring down the speed making it safe for children to play around.

2. Close knit community

Staying in gated community flats brings you close to neighbours during special occasions. A special community is been setup that is dedicated to organize special events on festivals lik Holi, Diwali and even Christmas. They even organize charity, bingo or ladies party on particular days of the month. Block parties, street sports and other friendly events bring a sense of awareness of the people staying around. This close knit affairs beings a sense of community among the people.

3. Tight security

a major reason why families opt for gated communities like a 3bhk flats is a common sight to see especially in a gated community in Hyderabad due to the family security. A security at the entrance means constant deterrent to guests and visitors. Troublemakers and thieves become easy target with tight security. Apps like My Gate and My Home are been designed and bought by communities, in which owners have access to the app. They can approve or reject any guest or visitor based on their availability.

4. Controlled entry and exit

gated community have safe entry and exit records. Owners need not worry about pushy salesman or market surveys. With constant surveillance and security guard at the entrance, records details of every visitor and car that enters the premises. Constant CCTV surveillance is also an added benefit that owners have without worrying about their child’s safety.

5. Power backup facility

With fluctuating electricity in this country, one needs a flat where there should be constant supply of electricity. Gated community are well equipped with UPS and generator facility which should be sufficient for a large number of flats. In addition to this a gated community also provides constant water supply irrespective of government water supply to the community tanks. They provide treated water facility 24*7 along with rain water harvesting facility to use the treated water. Few apartments for sale in Hi-tech city Hyderabad also use solar powered heating systems for a constant energy supply.

6. Other amenities

The prime advantage of living in a gated community is the amenities that one gets to live with. Walking and jogging track, kids play area, senior citizen corner, yoga centre, swimming pool, badminton and tennis court and much more. Working parents need not worry about grocery or child care. Such high end apartments do have a day care centre within the community to take care of your children when you are away. Shopping mall, complexes, schools and hospitals are closely located without having you to travel too far.

Standalone apartments do have the flexibility to setup without occupying a major area of land. They can be seen in every major area of Hyderabad. Additionally they do not carry a high maintenance charge like that of gated community apartments. These economical and affordable 3 bedroom flats for sale in Kukatpally Hyderabad have flexible payment option. Without much rules one can stay at their own terms without worrying about fines and penalty. However, the construction quality of such developers can be questionable. Security and safety of family is also a matter of concern with limited security guards round the corner.

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