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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Deep Tissue Massage


Massage therapies are a great way to improve your overall fitness and health. The reason for their demand is that they are very effective in reducing stress and improving mental health. The advantages that massage therapy has are beyond count. In this modern-day and age, many massage centres have introduced a different kind of massages. Each type of massage is perfectly designed to attain specific results. While the core objective of every massage is to relax your body and to improve the flexibility of your body. Today we will focus on one of the most popular types of massage.

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage:

It is the most famous type of massage that every individual like. As the name suggests Deep Tissue Massage focusses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and tissues. It is found very helpful in getting rid of chronic pains. The reason behind its popularity is that it is very effective in dealing with muscle stiffness, lower back pains, sore shoulders and tightened leg muscles. The therapist uses the same type of stroke as classic massage therapies. But the movement is a lot slower with much great pressure concentrated on effected areas.

How Does It Work?

Whenever your body or a muscle is injured due to stress or tension an adhesion in developed in tendons and ligaments. That adhesion can cause a lot of pain because it hinders blood circulation. Which in return leads to limited muscle movement and high inflammation. The massage therapist uses greater pressure and a specific technique to physically break these adhesions. Thus, it results in reduced pain and normal movement of your body is restored. Different kinds of oil products are used during therapy. But to have complete benefits your muscles need to be relaxed so that the therapist reaches the deeper musculature.

Does It Hurt?

When we realize the much greater pressure is used in this type of massage a fear develops that it might hurt. It is true that they can cause a bit of discomfort and pain but should communicate with your therapist. You must tell your therapist when the pain or soreness is out of your comfort range. They would adjust the pressure according to your requirements. It is possible to develop some stiffness after the therapy session but would wear off in a day or two. Your therapist would recommend some home remedies like using an ice bag after the massage.

What Are the Benefits?

As Deep Tissue Massage focuses on specific problems like chronic back pain and injury rehabilitation, but it also helps to improve overall movement. Bad postures could be improved with a regular therapy session. It enhances blood circulation in the body and helps to remove toxic particles. Osteoarthritis and sciatica pains can be minimized with regular therapy. In a nutshell, it is beneficial for every type of muscles related pain you are suffering from.

What to Expect?

A therapist may use its fingers along with knuckles, hands, and elbows during the session. So, do not freak-out when you see the therapist using its elbows to achieve the results. You may be asked to take deep breaths when the therapist working on a specific tense area.


This massage therapy where seem fruitful is not recommended for everyone. The list of people that should avoid this therapy is:

  • If you have any kind of skin disease or open wound this not for you.
  • People who just have surgery or getting chemotherapy sessions should avoid this massage without their doctor’s recommendation.
  • People who have a higher risk of forming blood clots should stay away from it. As with this procedure, your body is subject to a higher risk of forming blood clots.
  • Pregnant women should consult their doctors and always opt for therapists who have experience and training in pregnancy massage.

If you enjoy getting regular massage, then Meridian Spa could be the best choice. They have a highly trained staff providing different types of massage therapies.

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