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Event Trends To Watch Out For In 2020


To keep at par with dynamism everywhere, event management trends are expected to change this year. There are predictions to give you an overview of what to expect in the industry. Understanding these gives a picture of what to expect when you hire a top event management company to handle your function. Here are the trends to expect.

Event Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Attendees’ personalization

Since everyone can’t be on the same page on your event, personalization gives everyone what they need. This trend encourages success by making the event feel well thought out and tailored to the needs of attendees. Everyone will get value from their time spent attending your event. Personalizing an event might be tailoring breakout sessions instead of assigning where to go. This allows looking at your agenda and scheduling the experience they desire. Additionally, you can send out content and relevant resources to suit everyone to their emails.

Unique venues

Events this year are to be held in various unique locations apart from the boring hotel ballrooms. Unique venues allow bringing out extreme talents and creativity. Your event organizer has to think outside the box to create a memorable event experience. Some of the unique venues include studios, museums, and industrial lofts. The trick is to select a unique venue with new challenges not common in regular venues. These might include furnishing the venue with features including:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Staging
  • Power supply
  • Rigging points

Focus on sustainability

Every business activity today puts sustainability at the forefront. This trend has been around for years and is not going away soon. Everyone has to play their part until the necessary change in the environment becomes visible. It is no wonder that top event production companies in UAE are predicted to think more holistically to lessen environmental impact. You are likely to see the use of recycled materials and more plant based catering on your event. This effort propels forward initiative towards lessening carbon footprint to protect the environment.

More event security

Security concerns still exist today. So, event organizers need solutions to keep at par with security requirements. This requires having an emergency plan for the event. Expect to see a focus on finding solutions to meet event security needs including cybersecurity, strategic crisis communication, and improving onsite security. Reputable event management companies understand their responsibility to keep attendees safe.

Virtual planning

Virtual event planning limits physical site visits that cost time, effort, and money. This is possible through the use of appropriate technology for remote event planning. The use of venue floor plans, basic information, and videos makes this possible. Technology allows video meetings and venue tours without stepping foot in the venue. This saves time and is sustainable. Technology also allows collaboration regardless of location. This makes vendor and staff meetings possible and for regular communication.

Interactive live entertainment

One of the biggest trends expected in 2020 during event management is giving attendees immersive experiences. This tops the list of live event entertainment. Interactive live entertainment on an event satisfies people’s craving for human connection. Offering them an immersive experience meets this desire. This is in various forms including interactive photo booths for endless Insta-worthy moments, escape rooms, and playpens. The more creative you get the better.

Wi-Fi improvements

Poor internet connection can damper an event. So, top event planners today should understand how to fix the issue. The most significant issues include costs, connectivity, and speed. Improving Wi-Fi saves costs and requires doing your homework to gather relevant information. Learning the terminology and calculating potential bandwidth requirements on the event helps. Good internet connection is essential for live streaming the event.

Wearable tech

Transforming an event today requires wearable tech to streamline event processes like planning and enhancing attendee experience. Wearable tech encourages seamless user experience through RFID technology and magic bands. This eliminates the need to fumble with the wallet when paying for something at the event. For seamless attendees’ experience on your event, a version of magic bad allows taping badges and exchanging networking information. This allows people to focus on their conversations without awkwardly exchanging information.

Diversity and inclusion

Planning a successful event requires putting diversity in mind. Diversity and inclusion exceed ethnicity and race while spanning genders, age, religion, physical ability, and language. Event planners this year have to make effort to enhance diversity and to become more inclusive. On your event expect elements to emphasize this including:

  • Language on signage
  • Food options
  • Clear codes of conduct
  • Better representation on panels

Bottom line

Regardless of whether you are planning a business event, product launch, or wedding ceremony, there are basic features to expect on your event. Making strides to ensure these on your event requires enlisting the services of a professional event management agency. With dynamism in the industry, expect to see wearable tech, sustainability, unique venue suggestions, and attendees’ personalization. All these aim at making your event memorable.

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