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Earthly Energy: The Essential Guide to Natural Energy Drinks


If you’ve ever walked into a grocery store or even a gas station before, you’ve probably seen the insane amount of energy drinks on the shelves.

We all could use a little bit of extra energy sometimes. Unfortunately, artificial energy drinks can come with some nasty side effects that can negate the benefits. So what’s the best alternative for when you need a pick-me-up?

Earthly Energy - The Essential Guide to Natural Energy Drinks

Natural, plant-based energy drinks can give you the boost you need to get through the day without artificial fillers and gross side effects. Interested in how natural energy drinks might help you? Read on to learn more!

What are Natural Energy Drinks?

Natural energy drinks provide many of the same benefits as artificial energy drinks (like increased energy and heightened mental clarity) without the use of synthetic caffeine, added sugar, and artificial ingredients.

These natural energy drinks vary in ingredients, caffeine content, and other nutritional benefits. Some plant-based energy drinks might contain adaptogenic herbs or other superfoods that help give you a long-lasting flow of energy without the jitters.

Many of these drinks also contain phytonutrients which can help to boost immunity increase blood flow to the brain. This helps increase brain cell production.

Benefits of Natural Energy Drinks

One of the biggest benefits of natural energy drinks is the sustained energy that your body gets. A good plant-based energy drink isn’t loaded with sugar or other artificial ingredients. This will lead to a crash later in the day when the effects start to wear off.

Because these drinks have less sugar, many natural energy drinks are also much lower in calories. Traditional energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar can have well over 200 calories, which can make a huge difference over time.

Natural energy drinks can also have other positive effects, like increased immune system support, supported brain function, and improved mood.

Best Drinks and Supplements for Energy

There are tons of different natural energy drinks out there. You can definitely explore many new store-bought natural energy drinks out there. However, there are also a lot of cheap alternatives that you might not have thought of.

Green tea and matcha contain slightly less caffeine than coffee with tons of healthy antioxidants. They also contain the compound L-theanine which can help to promote a positive mood and reduce stress.

Yerba mate is another kind of tea that is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. This can help increase your mental energy without the jitters of coffee or other energy drinks.

There are also supplements out there that can help increase your daily energy flow, but be wary before you buy. You can view more here.

Finding Your Natural Energy Today!

Hopefully, now you see just how many alternative natural energy drinks there are to traditional energy drinks. With so many great options with so many benefits, there’s no reason to have to put artificial ingredients in loads of sugar in your body every time you need a boost.

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