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Dissertation Proposal Outline – A Step By Step Guide For Beginners


The final assignment of all higher educational levels is called as dissertation. It includes bachelors, Master and PhD level as well. For dissertation writing, you need to do research. By doing research, you get a chance of working on your critical analysis’ skills. Most of the students take it as a very difficult task. Yes, it is a difficult task, but you can make it easy and enjoyable. For this, you need to see what the required steps are to do research and how can you make it effective. Once you skip a single part from the planned structure, it becomes difficult to manage things in an appropriate way.

The very first step of research work is to write a dissertation proposal outline. You need to cope up with this task with full attention. This is the step that helps you in finding the right track. A dissertation proposal outline is considered as a table of content. In this, you have to roughly sketch the path that includes data collection, sampling and analysis. Furthermore, you have to mention the objective and methodology for its achievement.

Another most important thing is that the first dissertation proposal outline is not the final one. You may have to make changes in it. Especially at the bachelor level, it will be your first time of making an outline, so it is obvious to expect mistakes. Your advisor will guide you about what kind of changes are required in it. As per the importance of outline, this article aims to discuss different aspects related to it. Let’s get started.

1. How do you start a Dissertation Proposal?

Dissertation proposal outline is the foundation of research work. A small mistake in the form of sampling or methodology can cause big trouble in the end. So, this is the time when you plan whole of your trip in a right way. You need to start dissertation proposal outline with the idea on which you will plan your work. A strong idea helps you in deciding the research topic. At the end of research, you will see that the right selection of research is much beneficial. The whole research work is not that much difficult as the topic selection is. Make it clear in your mind that research work is not for one or two weeks, but you need to spend a whole year on it.

Whenever you are supposed to spend a long time on a particular thing, it really matters a lot if you have an interest in that task. Another important thing is that the selected topic must have worth in the market. The area of study in which you are going to spend a long time must give you a reward in the end. So make sure the area of study you have planned must be the demand of the hour. In the same way, it can be an innovation in technology or society.

Furthermore, you can start a dissertation proposal outline by taking the research gap into consideration. Get help from a good dissertation proposal writing service in case of any issue.

2. How do you write a Dissertation Outline?

The whole dissertation proposal outline needs to be very clear. It should not be vague at all. The confusion in it can divert the attention of reader. That is why you should be very careful while writing the outlines. You can make it as a table of content that you use for your dissertation. Briefly explain each part of the proposal. There is no need to describe everything in detail. Everything should be brief but very clear for the reader.

3. What are the Parts of a Dissertation Proposal?

Following are the main parts of dissertation proposal outline;

  • Topic of research
  • Introduction
  • Current circumstances
  • Plan for the whole project
    • Literature review
    • Methodology
    • Effective conclusion of research
  • Qualification of group members
  • Budgeting for project

Let’s discuss each part briefly.

• Topic of Research

Topic selection is the first step of a dissertation proposal. You have to be very conscious about this aspect. Once you decide on the right area of discussion, it becomes easy to design rest of the plan.

• Introduction

After topic, the main contribution is of introduction. Introduction provides strength to the foundation of your dissertation proposal outline. In this section, it is necessary to address three aspects briefly but clearly. The first aspect is purpose of research, while second aspect is supposed to be the clarity of discussion. In this second part, you are not allowed to assume that the reader is well aware of anything, but you have to set a whole scenario to make things clear. The last thing in introduction is hypothesis or research question.

• Current Circumstances

In this, you have to mention how the area of study you have selected is important to discuss. You have to pick up a particular problem for discussion. Also, you can term it as narrowing down your research topic.

• Plan for the Whole Project

As you have mentioned the objective of research in introduction, now you have to mention a plan in dissertation proposal outline to meet that objective. It covers the following sections briefly;

  1. Literature review
  2. Methodology
  3. Effective conclusion of research

• Qualification of Group Members

In the dissertation proposal outline, you have to mention qualification of all of your group members. This section shows that you guys are capable enough to research on the selected area of study.

• Budgeting for Project

In research work, it is obvious that you have to spend some money for its accomplishment. If it is lab or experimental type research, then you have to spend more money. So whatever is the type of research, make a rough budget for it and mention it in the dissertation proposal outline. Do not forget to mention that how your work can provide benefits to the funder.

Final Thoughts

A step by step guide is provided in this article for the dissertation proposal outline. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can develop an effective proposal for your dissertation.


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