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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Custom Made Suit


All men know that wearing a suit is a great way to stay confident and make a strong first impression. However, getting custom-made clothing options can be challenging as well.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Custom Made Suit

You might not be able to pull off the desired look even if you’re wearing the most expensive suit. The main reason can be the ill-fitting. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of making a mistake. Of course, choosing the wrong suit makes it more challenging to acquire a pleasing appearance. Buttons, colors, and accessories are also a few examples.

So, let us educate you on the custom-made clothing purchase blunders that can harm your image. Avoid making any of these mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to finding the greatest suits for your needs.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Custom-Made Clothing


You might be aware of how good the pocket square looks on the suits. However, what some people do is place the accessories over the top which seems like bumping stickers on any car.

As a result, to avoid a weird appearance, keep things basic. Always remember less is more. Having a pocket square designed would go fine with the tie. Avoid something flashy and stick to a 3-piece suit. Besides, if you consider accessories, ensure color, quality, and appearance seem at their best.

Forgetting the Purpose of Buying Custom Suit

Men frequently do not have a specific motive for purchasing a custom-made suit. Suits are standard selections that work well for a variety of occasions. However, many men neglect considering the event they are going to attend. Besides, they fail to use the proper color contrast, select high-quality materials, and obtain a proper fit according to the specifications.

So, whenever buying tailored suits, recognize what purpose they will serve. If you want it for regular use, choose the gray color. If it’s for a wedding, matte finishing with two-button straight pockets would be ideal. All this will help achieve comfort and will add up to your looks.

Poor and Clueless Measurements

Custom-made suits are highly recommended by experts and classy men. However, many people still prefer off-the-rack suits. Here, the biggest mistake of all is they think the measurements of their suits from last even would fit right to their new physique.

Slim fit suits are in trend. But many people do not understand the difference between the slim and the tight ones. Besides, the readymade suits come with the chances of accidents resulting in embarrassment.

Here, the measurements that are taken by the best suit tailor eliminate such fears. All in all, it is always better to craft the suits with exact measurements and specifications. In addition, tailors can easily resize or adjust the suits if there is left any room for error.

After all, it is always better to invest in a pricey tailored suit than the one that is inexpensive but ill-fitted.

Choosing the Wrong Material

There are several fabric choices to achieve quality custom-made clothing. However, people neglect the materials’ features, attributes, and shelf-life because of their budget and low cost. This not only results in an uncomfortable outfit, but it also wastes all of the money.

Thus, when buying custom-made clothing, consider the material and its quality. For example, cotton is the best choice of all. It is simple to maintain, comfortable, soft, and easily available. Additionally, you can wear a suit made from linen fabric. It is breathable, lightweight, and provides optimal comfort when worn in summers.

Hence, not choosing the quality fabric will not only result in wear or tear. It can also influence comfort as different seasons and events require choosing the right outfit with elegance in place.

Leaving In The Tags or Stitching

The one common mistake that most individuals make is not removing the tags or tack stitching. In readymade suits, removing the stitching sometimes becomes a hassle because it is essential to preserve the brand tag. It seems odd and impacts the suit’s overall appearance.

However, with custom-made clothing, no tags are associated that comes necessary to remove. If there are any, take care when removing them or have them done by a suit tailor solely to avoid any damage.

Sticking to a Specific Tailor

There is one great benefit of choosing a custom-made suit. It is you get to build a good relationship with the suit tailor. But the one mistake we all make is relying upon that one service provider to get the suits customized all the time.

There’s nothing wrong with having your one tailor meet all of your needs every time you come in for custom-made clothing. However, talking with other pros will provide you with a variety of styling possibilities. You can also look at the best suit tailors who have more experience and suit design options than the previous one.

Summing Up

So, does reading all these mistakes make you remember the custom-made suit mistakes you made before? If there are any hassles you have been facing with your existing suits, get in touch with the best suit tailor near you. In addition, remember to consider custom-made clothing over the off-the-rack ones to avoid any fit issues or harm to your overall looks.

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