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Business Casual Style for Men – A Detailed Guide!


The business style of clothing means an extremely conservative, which is strictly limited in terms of fabric and cut type. Business clothing is basically used during business negotiations and office work for creating a general corporate spirit and increasing the efficiency of workers. There are a number of things that speak volumes about the owners’ impeccable taste and high professionalism. The business styles and tailoring guide classic emphasize the strength of character and position their owner as a serious and successful person, tuned in to business development/career advancement.

Business Casual Style for Men

Well, this write-up will explain in detail about business casual style for men.

Conceptual Features and Rules of Business Style for Men

The business style of Alexandra Wood menswear of things that demonstrate the well-being and status of the owner. However, it is not enough just to wear the most expensive suits and shirts. It is equally important to follow the unspoken rules based on the conceptual features of the chosen direction:

  • The style of the costume is Laconic and restrained;
  • The silhouette is natural;
  • Calmly neutral coloring;
  • Natural and high-quality material;
  • The texture must be uniform, smooth, and matte;
  • Accessories are solid but discreet.

Subtypes of Business Style

Today, there is a generally recognized division of the business style into subgroups. Each of which has a certain indicator of severity and the possibility of application.

Official Business Style

This is the most conservative option, unconditionally demanding of details. It is relevant for important negotiations and business meetings. In addition, it is also good for legal and banking organizations, in the political sphere and in insurance companies.

Business Casual For Office

A type of men’s business wear that provides a slight reduction in restrictions with a slight manifestation of individuality. With traditionally strict execution, it is most suitable for everyday wear with a slightly wider palette of colors and a delicate print in the form of inconspicuous stripes.

Basic Set of Clothes in a Business Style

Suit and shirt are integral elements of men’s business attire. The suit alterations in Sydney are available at an affordable cost. They form the basis of the image when stylish and functional accessories are added.


The wardrobe of a businessman implies the presence of at least 4 sets of suits, which are made in a classic style and designed for different occasions. Optimal colors are black, blue, grey, and beige. Such things must necessarily and surely be made of high-quality practical material. In addition, these suits also fit perfectly on the figure. When choosing a suit, you should know that single-breasted jackets are considered the most comfortable. But, double-breasted models have a right to exist. Business-style suit trousers are loose and straight. The classic length implies a small crease in the front and covering the border between the heel and top of the shoe in the back.

The Vest

It must be made of the same material as the rest of the set. Furthermore, it must be fitted and overlaps the waistlines. The upper part of the vest should be clearly visible between the lapels of the jacket.


The shade of the shirt should be at least one tone lighter than the jacket. The priority is monochromatic products, although in some cases slightly noticeable stripes are acceptable. The material should be of cotton or fabric with its maximum content. The collar and cuffs must be tight. They are supposed to protrude from under the suit, but no more than 1 – 1.5cm.

Business Style Accessories


It is an irreplaceable attribute of a business style that gives an image of individuality. The choice of this accessory directly depends on the characteristics of the suit and shirt. The width of the product corresponds to the size of the lapels of the jacket. The length should reach the middle of the belt buckle. The traditional material for a business-style tie is natural silk. Moreover, its texture should correspond to the density of the rest of the clothing. While for winter models, an accessory made of thick silk is more appropriate. It is preferable to use a classic knot in a business style.

In the arsenal of a business person, laconic monochromatic models usually prevail, but you should not completely abandon the options with a pattern. The suit of a politician or financier may well adorn a tie with a strip or small speck. But sharp color transitions and geometric patterns should still be avoided.


This modest but very important piece of clothing should not be visible when the man is standing. A self-respecting gentleman will never allow a gap between the toe and the bottom of the trousers. The best option is a height of 18–20 cm. To create business looks, socks are selected in solid colors without a pattern. The decisive role in the choice of the material of the socks is given to the suit. The most convenient and practical options for the business look is a blend of mercerized cotton with regular cotton, a combination of cotton with silk, and a cotton-linen combination.


These are made of high-quality natural leather. This accessory is selected exclusively for the color and texture of the shoe. Modern with the most Laconic buckle, color and material that repeat the tie clip is suitable for a business suit.

Wrist Watch

To match the male business style, you should use so-called costume models. This is an expensive but laconic watch without decorative stones and chronographs. As a rule, they are mechanical on a solid leather strap.


They give the owner a touch of respectability. For a business image, only models with transparent glasses in strict frames from well-known brands are permissible.

Bottom Line

Whole teams of stylists, fashion designers, and makeup artists are working on the images of famous politicians, businessmen, and major executives. Take note of the different details of the bespoke shirts like style, length, and cut features. So, pay attention to accessories, shoes, and haircuts to tailor to your needs. Business dress is a conscious choice of respectable men at the top of the social ladder. It will make an extremely positive impression on any interlocutor. This manner of a dress not only increases personal self-esteem but also helps to achieve all the goals.

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