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Best Places to Visit in Morocco


There is no other place in the world as enchanting as Morocco. With snake charmers, beautiful alleys, Islamic wonderful architecture, treasure chests, Roman ruins, and whatnot- Morocco is a fairy-tale land for everyone. Morocco is aging in reverse- every year it gets more and more beautiful. With colorful towns, forts and Arab different world, it welcomes the visitors with both arms open. It has a hoard lots of places to offer which any visitor can visit, where you can plan with available Travelyaari Coupons available to get best fare.

Best Places to Visit in Morocco

If you are planning to visit this beautiful land of Morocco, then here are some of the best places you can visit there to make your trip awesome:

Marrakesh Medina

Marrakesh Medina is one of the most popular places in Morocco. The whole year buzz in the area brings and attracts most of the tourists there. It is an ancient city which is entered from Djemma el-Fna Square. This is the place where tourists love to hang out in evenings and see traditional musicians playing music, snake charmers and acrobatic performances. Inside the medina, you get to see the whole different world with alleyways and hustle and bustle of shopkeepers. It is a vibrant and buzzy experience one can have in his/her lifetime. Also, sightseeing trails of Morocco cannot be missed here.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is another famous place in Morocco which is in the Casablanca city. It is the famous landmark not only in Casablanca but of Morocco too. It is not a too old mosque as it was finished in 1993. Almost ten thousand artisans build this mosque with such precision that it looks surreal sometimes. The marble architecture, mosaics, and zellige tile- these all depict the Islamic architecture with Moroccan essence.

Oudais Kasbah

Oudais Kasbah is the beautiful town in Morocco which is the perfect destination for photographers- thanks to the picturesque views it offers. The town is away from any hustle-bustle of the cities and is peaceful in every sense. This old fortress has lanes of white and blue houses and colorful flowerpots. Unlike the Fes and Marrakesh, the tourists here want to spend more and more time and want to visit each and every corner of it.

Fes el Bali

It is another famous destination in Morocco along with Marrakesh. It is a maze-like city where anyone can get lost. Unlike Marrakesh, it is not the one with all the buzzes and vibes. It is an authentic place with alleys, old doors, and picturesque views. Visiting the famous stinking tanneries is something you won’t resist yourself to try as it is one of Fes el Bali’s most popular things to do.


How European any city can get? In Morocco, this city of Tangier is the prime example of it. Unlike any other famous destinations in Morocco, this one gets the best European touch. The city plays a significant role in the 20th century literature and this is what tourists get attracted to this city. Famous works like Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky and William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch makes this city the key attraction. With the cafes and bars, you can stay here for a day or two and enjoy the old school game.


Amidst the Rif Mountains, there lies a net of blue buildings called Chefchaouen which is the perfect location for the photographers- thanks to the surreal and breathtaking views it offers. It is more about strolling in the medina alleys and get amazed by the colorful buildings. The city is peaceful and it is a great place to go for hiking and trekking in Morocco. Just subscribe us free cost to get updates on walk in jobs in every sector.


It is one of the most famous places in the whole of Morocco. Known for the Roman ruins, it is a great place to visit for the history lovers. The surreal mosaics, temples, and columns remainings remind of the empires which were built on these ruins someday. It is also having a romantic significance- thanks to the views you get from the hilltop. A day trip to this place from Meknes or Fes will make you visit this historical place.


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