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Benefits of Using Analytical Tools to Track Business Sales


Application software is known as corporate analytics tools, and it is designed to retrieve data from one or more business systems and combine it in a repository, such as a data warehouse, so that it can be reviewed and analyzed.

The majority of companies make use of multiple analytics tools, some of which include statistical software packages, spreadsheets with built-in functions for data analysis, sophisticated data mining tools, and predictive modelling tools.

Business intelligence tools also collect and display aggregate data, but business analytics tools go one step further by not only reporting the results of the data, but also explaining why the results occurred to assist in identifying weaknesses, fixing potential problem areas, and alerting decision makers to unforeseen events.

This provides businesses with the understanding and confidence necessary to accomplish their business goals, maintain the company’s competitive edge, and boost overall customer satisfaction. Followings are the benefits of various business analytical tools:

  • Tableau
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Sisense
  • Google Analytics
  • SAP Business Intelligence
  • Wyn Enterprise
  • Reveal


Tableau is a business intelligence platform that can easily analyses data and visualize it, making it one of the most popular business analytics tools. Data can currently be imported into Tableau from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Oracle, Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, and Microsoft SQL.

There is a cloud-based version of Tableau, as well as a local version of the platform, which can be run on a desktop computer. This is one of the many wonderful features of Tableau. If you are interested in Tableau, there is a version that is free for personal use as well as a paid version for businesses.

Zoho Analytics:

Zoho Analytics made our list because it has a lot of strong self-service BI features. This platform, which is part of the Zoho productivity suite, has simple but powerful reporting tools that let you track and analyses your key sales metrics in any way you like.

This tool comes with a wide range of dashboard layouts and data visualization options that can be changed to make it as easy as possible to get the sales data you need. The software also has native apps for both Android and iOS, so you can access your sales data no matter where you are.

If you are interested in this software solution, the company offers a free plan for small teams and paid subscription packages for larger companies that cost between $22.50 and $445.50 per month.


Sisense is an excellent business analytics application that helps to manage data sets and also allows users to see data without the need for the assistance of IT specialists. You may retrieve data from Salesforce, AdWords, and Google Analytics by using Sisense.

Users can also combine these three sets of data to generate analytics reports. Sisense is a platform that is hosted in the cloud, and as such, it offers users the ability to access data analytics from any location. This feature is very helpful for remote workers.

Google Analytics:

The fact that Google offers its own suite of business analytics and intelligence solutions is not news to anyone. You may monitor your company’s online success with Google Analytics by traffic monitoring, sales, and other metrics from your website, advertisements, and social media.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for gathering and analyzing data, and its analysis can yield useful insights into your audience’s composition and behavior. However, many businesses realize that they require more sophisticated business analytics tools in order to make informed business choices.

SAP Business Intelligence:

The SAP business intelligence software, which is the industry leader in terms of the provision of business intelligence software, offers sophisticated insights by way of the retrieval of data. SAP Business Intelligence may facilitate machine learning, offer assistance with business planning.

It provide support for BI predictive analytics, all inside a single platform. Important: SAP Business Intelligence is an advanced analytics tool, and its user interface is not as intuitive for beginners as that of some of the other products that are now accessible.

Wyn Enterprise:

Wyn Enterprise is built with a user interface that is easy to understand and displays important reports graphically. It is possible to integrate and reconcile your data because to the governance functions that it possesses, which help manage the accessibility of your data.

It provides license plans with flat pricing, allowing you to exactly budget for sales analytics licensing costs within your client projects without having to worry about the costs of licensing rising over time. Get in touch with them if you are interested in learning more about their by-quote plan.


Reveal was developed with embedded analytics use cases in mind from the very beginning. You will be able to create, view, and share data visualizations and easy dashboards with the assistance of this self-service program.

It has drag-and-drop capabilities, automatic swiping, and a wide variety of visualization kinds, all of which make its user interface very straightforward and easy to manage. Through the provision ofinteractive reports and real-time dashboards, it enables firms to maintain a thorough understanding of their performance.

Reveal may be used on any platform, including smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android, as well as desktop computers running Mac OS X and Windows. A premium subscription can be purchased for $9.99 per user per month when a free trial period is over.

Final Words:

When it comes to conducting business analysis, firms have access to a wide variety of tools that can help them accomplish their goals. The users of each tool can reap the benefits of using that particular tool, which may include the opportunity to enhance sales or productivity or the degree to which customers are satisfied. However, the tools are distinct in terms of the problems they solve, the costs involved, and how they are applied; as a result, businesses need to have a thorough comprehension of all the available choices. Because of this, management will be able to apply the tools that are most pertinent to the position that the firm is in right now, which will result in improved outcomes of business analysis.

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