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Benefits of Green Logistics: How you can Improve Revenue and Savings YoY?


With the climate change debate gaining substantial grounds and companies transitioning to more responsible corporates, “Go Green” has been a high-priority agenda. Businesses want to present themselves as environmentally friendly. They want the people to know that they care and it’s not just about profits for them. Reasonable enough, right? Let’s put this into the trade perspective. Imagine the volume of traffic created by logistics companies. The carbon footprint is significantly high and there couldn’t be a better time to explore the benefits of green logistics is probably a great idea.

Benefits of Green Logistics - How you can Improve Revenue and Savings YoY

A Brief Word: Logistics & Carbon Footprint

Well, it is no secret that technological developments often come at a cost. The demand and supply dynamics continue to push the industries to expand and scale their products. Fossil fuels predominate the scene and the greenhouse gas emissions have only multiplied immensely. According to NASA, ever since industrialization, the world has been experiencing a rise in the average temperature by almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, scientists estimate that the average global temperature will increase by another 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit before the year 2100. In worst-case scenarios, it can also go up to almost 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This is alarming and we can’t remain mere spectators to this dangerous phenomenon.

The other side of the debate is that development cannot come to a halt. There has to be a middle ground. Logistics are an integral part of the global supply chain and any obstacle there is going to affect how the product is finally delivered to the consumers – you and me. The recent Suez Canal Crisis is a striking example and we cannot afford to not identify the weak links in the supply chain. Now, without a doubt, logistics is contributing to a greater carbon footprint, and that’s why we need to find ways to improve logistics that do not obstruct the value chain.

Green Logistics, Not without Benefits

The good news is that there are benefits of green logistics. Giant logistics operations like Walmart and Heineken are have prioritized reducing carbon footprint and are leading by example. Moreover, many firms have reported savings after adopting green solution for logistics. This also reflects a commitment to sustainability and establishes goodwill with investors and other stakeholders. By selecting Greener Suppliers, Centralizing Supply Networks, Choosing Greener Means of Transportation, Optimizing Energy Consumption, and following the philosophy of Reduce, Repair, Reuse, companies can explore numerous benefits of green logistics.

Going Green can help you save money and increase revenue

To put it simply, there’s no magic formula for business growth. Some strategies work and some fail. But what you need to understand as a business owner is that this is about a purpose higher than that, a promise towards sustainability. Fixing the backyard today only helps to build a house there tomorrow. Going green in logistics is an essential goal that will determine your company’s values and commitment to society. An eco-friendly policy will reflect on department sales as we as consumers want to purchase products from companies that benefit the planet. We are more aware as consumers today, we read labels on products, understand what’s gone into making them, and if there’s anything that harms the environment in any way.

With your eco-friendly policy and business decisions, you can expect higher revenues. Adding to it, you will be seen as an attractive employer to talent because people want to be part of a company that helps the environment.

The question is not why go green, it is why wouldn’t you?

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