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9 Effective Ways to Raise Kids in This Digital Era


Are you finding difficulty in raising tech-savvy kids? Yes? A phone monitoring app is a key to your problem.

In this digital era, proper internet guidance is important; otherwise, it may lead children towards disastrous outcomes like online threats. Teach healthy use of technology to kids and enhance their skills to make them successful digital citizens. However, the safest way to keep teens protected on a web platform is a parental control app.

9 Effective Ways to Raise Kids in This Digital Era

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be a tech expert for effective parenting. Here, this article is about the major tips and actionable advice for parents to securely manage a child’s digital use.

How Parents Will Raise Their Kids in This Digital Era?

• Proper communication and building trust:

Children are not mature enough to distinguish between real and virtual life; hence, they make the standards keeping in mind the family goals and values. Talk with your kids and set expectations regarding the tolerance limit of using technology.

Open the channel of communication and develop a trust with your kids so they can fearlessly approach you about any damn online matters.

Discuss the convenience and benefits, along with loopholes and drawbacks of excessive technology usage. Say, for instance, if your child receives any unusual text messages from strangers, ask them not to reply and tell you first.

• Be aware of the latest technologies:

No, we are not telling you to be technospeak, but it is essential to be mindful of the latest technologies that are penetrating in the market.

For parents who are not used to the internet should learn about the online world and make a concrete effort to educate themselves first. Try to understand about new games, websites, or apps that children are frequently using so they can ensure kids are visiting the appropriate sites.

• Follow your child on social media platforms:

When your kids reach an age to use social media applications, allow access, and make sure (you) to be part of their online accounts.

Provide some digital liberty, especially when toddlers are turning into teens. They tend to be fond of sharing their emotions and feelings with virtual friends and seeking attention.

Encourage teens to establish a strong online reputation. Remind them about harmful content if they express with an unstable mind do harm them badly in the future.

• Install phone monitoring apps:

Kids’ safety app is the best medicine for managing the digital lives of children. There are various uses of this software with which parents can control and scrutinize kid’s online activities seamlessly.

The parental control apps filters inappropriate applications and enables parents in blocking such harmful apps.

Excessive screen time is highly dangerous to teen’s health and is taken care of by child monitoring apps. Here, parents can set curfew hours on kid’s multiple app usage.

Even during an emergency, one clicks of Panic and SOS alert can save a child’s life.

Using child tracker software, parents can allow kids to roam freely when GPS tool is activated. And, children can learn driving etiquette as parents can keep a check on teen’s driving speed.
Good parental control apps offer Anti-Theft features to find the lost device.

There are many more functions of kids tracking apps that help children in balancing their real and online lives.

• Declare the dining area as ‘no device zone’:

It is necessary to separate kids from gadgets. Ask your child to take a break from devices and go on a digital detox. It can be achieved when all family members are together like during meals.
Hence, declare your dining area as ‘device-free zone’ where you enjoy your child’s giggle and exchange positive words. Share creative ideas and encourage their skills. You can invest your time in many more other activities like teaching children dining etiquettes, arranging plates and much more.

• The internet does not dictate Child’s self-worth:

Excessive exposure to the social media world creates conventional standards on intelligence, attitude, and beauty that can create insecurity in a child. Make your kids understand their self-worth, and it should not get dictated by any online share, post, or friend. Don’t let their morale down, teach them to be audacious and it’s good to say ‘No.’

• Review the child’s digital tasks:

Parents need to be good mentors, along with a monitor. Keep a watch on a child’s online affairs regularly and ensure they are heading in the right path.

No need to be a paranoid parent, yet keeping kids safe online requires a periodic review on their web tasks like ask their friends about their behavior in schools and notice their scorecard.

• Be a good paradigm:

Children imitate their parents. Thus, be a good role model and set an example in terms of browsing the internet and using technology. Firstly, you need to give up your negative habits before educating kids.

Parents should be conscious of using their devices in front of teens to make them learn and follow ethical practices. Such habits are possible by investing quality time in a child’s real life. Say, for example, make the minimum use of laptops and mobile phones during weekends and enjoy a few hours chatting and playing with kids or arranging a picnic or a party.

• Raise awareness regarding online threats and health issues:

Explain to children about cyberbullying, pedophiles, and online stalkers. Let them understand that more media usage can cause psychological and physical health issues like cognitive disorder, depression, obesity, etc.

Raise kids tactfully in this digital era by installing the best parental control app like Bit Guardian Parental Control. This software is a one-stop solution for managing a child’s online life. Download the app today!

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