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8 Ways to Save Money as a Homeowner


There are plenty of expenses that you need to take care of being a homeowner. Although it might not seem much up close, if you do the maths, it gradually adds up to your annual expenditures. It could be related to home maintenance, bills, and other necessities.

8 Ways to Save Money as a Homeowner

Hence, it is essential to take the necessary precautions that can reduce these excess expenses. Here are some of the ways to save some significant amounts of money in different aspects of your home.

Air Seal Your Home

Whether it is a new home or an old one, air leaks are one of the responsible factors that influence the temperature difference in your house. It sucks up the precious heat of your home in the winters and warms up the room temperatures resulting in prolonged usage of air conditioners.

Doorways, windows, and electric outlets are some of the culprits that need fixation. It can help you curb your electricity bills.

Use Ceiling Fans Instead of Air Conditioners

A ceiling fan is one of the best ways to minimize the usage of energy. It effectively increases the temperature of your thermostat in the summers by a few degrees and keeps it lower in the winters. Thus, you can save a lot of money with the help of the air circulation effect.

It can be done by using a two-way switch that rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Give Proper Insulation to Hot Water Pipes

If you are not providing proper insulation to your hot water pipes, it might be using more electricity to keep hot in the pipes. It might be one of the reasons why your electricity bill of winters is still souring up even when you are using less of it.

Insulating your hot water pipes with blanket wrapping can help you save a lot of money over time.

Use Thermostats to Regulate your Room Temperature

You can save a reasonable amount of energy by using a programmable thermostat to control your room temperature. The fact that it can easily increase and decrease the temperature, it is effective in both summers and winters as well.

Program the thermostat to drop a few degrees in the nights and add a few degrees during the day. Slowly and gradually, it will save a couple of hundred dollars annually.

Timely Replace your Air Filters

Whether it’s the room furnace or the air conditioner unit, you must change the air filters on a timely basis. The best part of replacing the air filters is that it only takes 10 minutes to replace it.

A ramped-up air filter not only affects the airflow in your house, but it also means that the air handling system or HVAC unit has to work harder. It might end up using more energy to pump out lower quality air.

Ensure All house Vents are Free from Dust

Always make sure that none of the vents in your rooms are covered or restricted by anything. It affects the heating and cooling of your home. Whenever you see dust getting piled up on different vents of your house, clean it thoroughly using a brush or wet cloth.

It will improve the airflow in your house and reduce the amount of energy required to maintain the airflow inside the room.

Cover Any Cracks in the Basement with Masking Tape

You might come across cracks at the bottom of the basement walls. Although these are common side-effects that occur over time due to the weight of the house, it can easily affect the temperature of your house.

The fact that these cracks and spaces grow over-time, it is better to address them sooner than later. You can use masking tapes to cover these cracks from leaking air. If you see a crack growing over time, you can try applying the paint on the cracks. Many professional painters Arncliffe use the same technique at the time of home renovation to seal these gaps permanently.

Let Your Clothes Dry under the Sun

One of the best methods to reduce the electricity bills is to dry-off wet clothes in the sunlight as opposed to using a dryer. It can effectively help you to save a lot on monthly electricity bills.


There are plenty of ways you can save money from being a homeowner. Apart from different methods that are mentioned in the article, you must look for other ways to save money that depends on the type of home you own and the equipment that you are using. Using LED and CFLs are some of the ways to save money.

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