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What You Know About Plastic Surgeons?


The plastic surgeons perform the operations which change the appearance or shape of a patient’s body part. These surgeons don’t only execute cosmetic surgeries like facelifts or nose jobs, but they also execute reconstructive surgeries who have survived the car crash or some other sort of accidents and also for individuals with a birth defect.

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Different Types Of The Plastic Surgeries

Cosmetic plastic surgery can well be a nice option for those individuals who are willing to achieve their beauty objective. This can improve and tighten your skin, and adjust the facial features, remove or add hair, and lot more.

There are various procedures that exists, done by the plastic surgeons and a few of the common sort of cosmetic plastic surgeries are as follows:

1. Breast Augmentation – The procedure which changes the shape or the size of the breasts is referred to as breast augmentation. Once the size of a breast is increased, that procedure can also be termed as “breast implant surgery”.

2. Dermabrasion – This includes the use of a specialized instrument that delicately ‘sands’ down your topmost layer of the skin. Post the removal of your top layer of the skin, that area slowly heals, and then new skin takes over the old one. It is generally used for:

  • The acne scars
  • The age spots
  • Crow’s feet
  • Lesions or growths on the skin
  • The Sun-damaged skin
  • Wrinkles

3. Facelift – It helps in repairing sagging, drooping, loose, or even wrinkled skin on one’s face. In between this procedure, the facial tissues are being lifted, extra skin is removed, and replaced over the repositioned contours.

4. Hair transplantation – The hair transplantation surgery is also called as hair restoration, performed in order to improve the look of baldness. The plastic surgeons help you get your fresh look.

5. Rhinoplasty – It refers to any sort of surgery which reshapes or repairs the nose. Few people opt for this because of cosmetic reasons where others might have some medical reasons, like difficulty in breathing or the birth defects.

It can well be used to:

  • Increase or lower the size of one’s nose
  • To Resurrect problems post an injury
  • Resurrect birth defects
  • Improve or Relieve the breathing problems
  • To narrow the nostrils’ shape
  • To bring a change in shape of the bridge
  • To change the angle of one’s nose

6. Lip augmentation – Lip augmentation points to give their patient a fuller-looking sort of lips. Generally, injectable fillers(dermal) are being used in order to increase the lip volume, structure, or shape.

This is not permanent. The effects often last around 6 months, when the second procedure becomes necessary to restore volume and shape.

7. Liposuction – The liposuction is basically a cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the shape of a body by separating fat deposits. The procedure ain’t intended from a weight loss point of view.

8. Tummy Tuck – Tummy tuck is used so as to improve the look and shape of one’s abdomen. It removes excess fat and skin and then restores separated or weakened muscles in your abdomen so as to improve the profile. It can improve your appearance of sagging or loose skin, but can’t remove the stretch marks. The plastic surgeons with experience may help you.


Irrespective of the surgeon’s specialty, all of the plastic surgeons go on to have consultations with the patients. The doctor should communicate with patients in order to know the desired result of the surgery and can explain the side effects and the possible risks of the surgical procedures.

The plastic surgeons should maintain the license in order to practice medicine, which involves completing the on-going education credits and then staying current on the latest surgical techniques and the advances.

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