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7 Things to Consider While Choosing a Student Accommodation


As per the reports, in 2020, around 418,168 international students took admission in various programmes in universities spread across Australia. Since 2012, international students have seen some major upward movements.

7 Things to Consider While Choosing a Student Accommodation

As the number of international students rises, finding the best student accommodation becomes challenging each year. So, getting the best RMIT student accommodation that fits your budget and has all the facilities and amenities can take a little bit of time. Also, it can be challenging for someone new to the city to make a final choice without the correct information.

So, here is a list of seven factors that you should keep in mind to find the perfect student accommodation.

1. Location

One of the most crucial factors you need to pay attention to from the beginning of your search is the location. Whether you are planning to stay in a hostel or rent a flat, make sure that the location is good. It is essential to stay within an accessible area well connected by public transport.

2. Type Of Room

Are you planning to stay alone with nobody to share with? Or, are you looking to stay with a roommate? If so, you should check the type of accommodation you get before signing the agreements. You can ask for a virtual tour of the room or recent pictures to get an idea.

3. Cost

If you are a student, you are on a strict budget to follow every month. Therefore, it is necessary to check the overall cost of living in accommodation.

The accommodation cost is not just the rent but also includes the utility bill. It can range from water bill to electricity bill to internet connectivity. Also, ensure no hidden charges are there in agreement before signing.

4. Facilities

When choosing accommodation, don’t just look at the room and the cost. Find an RMIT accommodation with other helpful and recreational facilities. This can range from cafĂ©, study rooms, gyms, sports courts, game rooms, entertainment rooms etc.

Having these added facilities will help lead a comfortable life in your space. Also, recreational facilities will help boost your social life, make new friends and keep a good balance between studies and fun.

5. Terms And Conditions

Before you sign any contract with accommodation management, make sure to read the terms and conditions. Check if there is any hidden cost, the deposit amount, the restrictions etc.

If any of the terms and conditions are not your comfort, you can skip to your next option. Reaching your accommodation and then finding out about the restrictions and other T&C can put you in a bad situation in a new place.

6. Safety

Ensure that the place you choose for yourself in the new city is safe and secured. Always looks for a guarded area with safety provisions in place. There should be staff 24×7 to help any residents of the place. Also, there should be security cameras around the premises for added safety.

7. Accessibility

Always choose the accommodation that is in the area which is well connected with the rest of the city. This is important if you are planning to stay off-campus. Look for a place connected by bus, train, metro etc. It will help you reach your campus in time and help you get to other places when there is a need to.
Finding the best place to stay for your college days will help lead to a happy and healthy time. You can make good connections and can study without any discomfort.

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