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7 Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney


The Centre for Disease Control conducted a survey found that over 83 million people visit a physician every year to seek professional help after accidents and personal injuries. Some of the accidents are minor, causing little bruises and scratches. Some, on the other hand, are severe and need serious medical attention.

7 Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

In case of serious medical attention, you except to pay for exorbitantly high the doctor’s fees, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and hospitalization charges in case of hospitalization. Some of these personal injuries are caused due to accidents by others’ negligence. In such a case, do you expect to pay the high fees and other costs out of your pocket? Of course, no.

If the accidents resulting in personal injuries are caused due to the negligence of others, then you may need to seek help from the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago. Filing a lawsuit can be a viable option to get compensation that can take care of your hospital bills.

Here are seven signs that mean you need to hire a personal injury attorney.

1. The Injuries Are Serious

The accident you have gone through was severe, and it has left you with some lifelong alternations in mobility, visibility, or another impediment in ordinary living. It is needless to say that such tragic life alterations are not quantifiable.

Any minor thing like just not being able to move around or attend work for a few days or significant effects like being quadriplegic, partial paralysis, and disability can qualify for a lawsuit.

2. If Your Injuries Are Permanent

In some cases, the injuries sustained by the person on the receiving end are permanent. The biggest concern with such injuries is that the patients have to undergo numerous sessions of surgical operations and/or medical treatments. They may require continuous care from their family members or may need to hire domestic care, especially for this need.

Even in case of superficial injuries, there are significant scars and injury marks that do not go away with time and require multiple cosmetic surgeries for full restoration.

The costs involved, therefore, are high. The prolonged care adds massively to the price. A lawsuit with consultation from an experienced lawyer who also specializes in this field can make sure that you get the best from the person whose negligence caused all the problems in your life.

3. You Experienced A Car Accident That Was Caused By A Defective Part.

The car accident is one of the most dangerous types of personal disasters. The accident might have been a result of several things. If the accident was a result of a defective auto part or technical difficulty with the car, then you can rest assured that a personal injury attorney can help you sail through smoothly in the lawsuit.

The manufacturer of the car, in case there was a technical problem with the vehicle or any part which was factory installed by the manufacturer, will be liable to pay you the compensation. The manufacturer of the defective spare would be held accountable to pay you the compensation if you purchased the part from the third party.

4. You Are Not Able To Attend Work

Having gone through an accident can lead someone unable to work for days, weeks, or months. If the injury you sustained in the accident has led you unable to work absenteeism and you are not able to maintain your family, then it can be a difficult situation. The problem exacerbates if you have bills, loans, and mortgages to take care of, and their interest piles up.

Consulting the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago can help you get the most suitable compensation amount that can take care of your financial needs and avoid complete hardship.

5. Your Insurance Company Is Not Helping You.

If an accident is caused due to the negligence of someone, then the insurance company’s responsibility is to compensate the injured person. Most of the time, the insurance companies will hesitate to give payouts to most of the claimants.

The insurance payout criteria are widening, and it is getting challenging to break the barrier. Therefore, without proper consultation from an attorney, asking for a claim from the insurance company is likely to reach rejection. The likelihood of denial of your application increases if you do not know the personal injury law of your state.

Also, by letting your attorney handle your claim process with your insurance company can make you free of stress and focus on your recuperation.

6. You Have Been Exposed To Dangerous Chemicals

Many of the personal injury cases are related to unsafe working conditions. Some work environments have the presence of harmful substances that can result in temporary or permanent injuries. This can be counted in negligence of the employer resulting in personal injuries. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is plausible in this situation too.

In a situation like this, the personal injury attorney will collate data from other employees and their medical history reports, private investigators, and many different ways.

7. The Accident Amount To Car Repair

During a car accident, it is not easy to imagine the amount of damage caused to the vehicle. The damage can result in running up huge bills in the repair. The negligence of others should not cause you to park your car in isolation forever, or pay huge bills.
The personal injury law extends to other things like damage to a car in the collision.

To Conclude

These were seven signs that mean you need to hire a personal injury attorney. The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago can help you with getting the most suitable compensation.

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