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7 Fun Things to Do in Bali on Your Fitness Vacations


Are you planning to go on a fitness vacation? Bali is one of the best places you can choose. It is an exotic location with hills, mountains, and coastline. The beauty of Bali goes beyond the landscape. Bali is a religious place with a unique culture. What a fantastic place to kick start your fitness journey. There are several fun things to do in Bali that will help you get in good shape.

7 Fun Things to Do in Bali on Your Fitness Vacations


1. Go Surfing

Beaches in Bali are famous for surfing and various water sports. Why not try out surfing in an exotic setting like Padang Padang? It stands out for the unique rock entrance. It has consistent surf which makes it an ideals spot for wave riders. For your fitness retreat in Bali, you can hire a trainer and rent a surfboard for training. While echo beach is also great for surfing, it is only ideal for experienced surfers due to the strong waves.

2. Go Hiking on Mount Batur

Start your day at the fitness retreat by going for a hike. You need to wake up early to make it to the top of the mountain for the spectacular view of the sunrise. Hiking is a fun thing to do if you are an early bird not to mention a perfect way to exercise while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

3. Go for a Yoga Class

The yoga retreat offers you a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Many top fitness retreats in Bali provide many fun activities including Yoga. Even if it is your first time in a yoga class, you will enjoy meditating around the spectacular scenery. Most yoga retreats take place in a natural set up that is relaxing. Sometimes near a waterfall or rice plantations.

4. Cycling

Cycling through the countryside and the rice fields is a great way to experience Bali. Apart from the cycling trails, you can pedal through the rural areas with local farmers and various plantations. Riding is an excellent exercise if you want to stay in good shape. Cycling through the forests and hiking trails allows you to breathe in clean air. You also get to enjoy the stunning views.

5. Pamper Yourself at the Spa

Bali fitness holidays are incomplete without spending a day at a spa. After a fun-filled day, you must get a Balinese massage. The spa parlours offer various massages at an affordable cost. Massage therapy will help you relax and loosen tight muscles after a long day of working out in the sun. They also help you stay healthy by improving blood circulation.

6. Tree Swinging

Swinging from treetops will be an exhilarating experience if you aren’t afraid of heights. The numerous activities can add fun to your fitness vacations. You can try spider nets, Tarzan jumps, and various jumping challenges. There is also the suspended bridge challenge where you need to follow a circuit. You must visit the Bali treetop adventure park. Don’t worry about safety; there are professional instructors to guide you. They will give you safety equipment and explain how the challenge works.

7. Snorkelling and Swimming

Large rocks surround the many beaches in Bali, and you will hardly find a white sandy beach. The strong waves also make it unsuitable for swimming. However, there are a few swimming and snorkelling spots on the northern coasts. Spending the day swimming or diving keeps you healthy.

What makes Bali ideal for fitness retreat is the ability to have fun while exercising. It doesn’t take much effort to stay in shape when you enjoy what you are doing. You will also eat healthy because most of the foods are fresh from the local farmers.

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