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6 Reasons Visual Learning is So Important for Kids


If you’ve ever tried to help a child learn something new, you know how trying it can be. When your child learns something the old-fashioned way — with textbooks and worksheets — they start by memorizing facts without thinking about what those facts mean or why they matter. The reason kids often struggle in school is that many of them don’t have any interest in learning the material. As a result, they use a lot of mental energy to memorize facts and definitions rather than apply them.

6 Reasons Visual Learning is So Important for Kids

What if you could make learning more interactive, more fun? That’s the idea behind visual learning. And fortunately, kids seem to like it. Visualizing an idea in your head versus writing it down on paper can help you understand the material better. Here are the reasons visual learning is essential for kids.

1. Helps to Store Information Longer in the Brain

Have you ever tried learning something new? Then all of a sudden, you don’t remember it anymore? Well, that’s a natural psychological occurrence called memory decay. The human brain has an amazing ability to store information in different parts of its storage areas which are called chunks.

When the brain encounters a new piece of information, it has to move chunks from one place to another to store it properly. As it turns out, the best way to store knowledge in the brain and make it last longer is through visualizing what you’re learning in your head as opposed to memorizing facts.

2. Promotes Better Comprehension of the Material

A child’s mind is like a sponge, absorbing new information and concepts easily. However, you can sometimes thwart this process if your child has to write everything down before understanding it. When kids are forced to write everything down, they often lose interest because things feel more complicated than they are.

Writing things down and trying to grasp the meaning simultaneously makes it hard for a child to keep their attention on what they’re learning. For instance, when reading about human anatomy for kids, it’s best if the child can visualize what each body part looks like. This will help them better understand what the organs are and make it easier to remember.

3. Promotes Better Conceptualization of Facts

When you visualize something in your mind, it prompts your senses to remember the information better. When you hear a fact, it will prompt you to look at the evidence and think about it. This process is called conceptualization. Visualizing ideas and connections promotes abstract thinking, which is crucial in problem-solving.

If you want to use visual learning effectively with kids, try using mnemonic devices such as acronyms. Mnemonic devices provide an easier and more memorable way for kids to remember facts and information since it prompts them to visualize the acronym in their minds.

4. Allows Kids to Learn Without Feeling Stressed

The way a child learns is different from how adults learn. Kids often learn better when they can understand new information through multiple senses and seeing it visually. This is important because it promotes a higher level of understanding and improves memory. What’s more, children who use visual learning often benefit from being able to visualize the same information over and over again because they know they’ll remember it more easily.

One way to make this process easier on your kid is by repeatedly playing games that teach them the same concept, like tic-tac-toe. This will help them learn concepts faster and understand the material better.

5. Allows Kids to Learn Through Multiple Senses

Learning requires a lot of senses. You have to be able to read and look at something before you can understand it. The ways humans learn are broken down into different senses, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Since humans learn differently than animals, kids must understand how to utilize each sense properly when trying to learn something new. When teaching a child something new, use methods that appeal to their senses.

6. Provides Kids with Fun and Excitement

Kids often need more fun and excitement in their lives when they first start learning something new. They’ll often get bored or even frustrated when they’re not sure what the material will look like. Visualizing a new concept involves the child’s imagination. When trying to understand something through their minds, they can create a visual image of what they’re learning and properly apply it to their everyday lives.

Visualizing concepts helps your child to feel more confident about learning something new and understand how it applies to the real world in their daily lives. As a result, kids will be able to learn more effectively and continue making progress.


Visual learning is important for your child to master because it will help them understand new information quickly and make learning much more effective. When kids learn things visually, it’s easier to remember and apply the information in their daily lives. The best way to teach kids how to visualize is by playing games that involve visualizing concepts. Playing with visual games can help kids understand new concepts faster and make learning fun for everyone involved.

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