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5 Weekend Getaways to Surprise Your Significant Other With


If you seek a fun, memorable weekend getaway that your significant other will love, you have come to the right place. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the U.S. and so many things to experience with the one you love. Listed below are five ideas that you can consider.

5 Weekend Getaways to Surprise Your Significant Other With

And while you might not have considered some of these suggestions or maybe you have, each location would be a great surprise for your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or life partner.
Check out these five ways to surprise your significant other with a weekend getaway.

1. Spa and Wine Package

If you want to destress and broaden your wine IQ, you could surprise your significant other with a spa and wine package getaway. Spend your days getting massages, facials, and other soothing and revigorating treatments. Combine that with sipping back on wines throughout the weekend.

Imagine relaxing for a weekend with your partner, not having to worry about any other problems and enjoying so many tasty experiences. You can feel the stress melt away as you have a relaxing couples massage and so much more.

You have many options to consider. But if you have never been to Napa County, California, you should think about heading there. The Napa Valley is often considered the epicenter of the wine world in the U.S. Many of the wineries there offer spa services, too. And you also have some pretty amazing scenery. Plus, you can easily get to the area from San Francisco International Airport.

2. Tickets to a Live TV Show

Is there a live TV show you two have always wanted to attend? Maybe you could head to an awards show that takes place on the weekend, and you could combine a nice dinner and some shopping into the trip, too.

There are so many fun shows to experience and depending on your taste whether you prefer comedy, performing arts or cooking there is something for everyone. Think about what your partner loves the most, maybe there’s a show they always watch that you can see live. Make sure you have your significant other’s preferences in mind when choosing a show to see. They won’t appreciate tickets to something only you care about.

One great idea for you to think about is getting tickets to a live recording of Saturday Night Live. You can arrive in New York City on Friday and check out a show on Broadway. On Saturday you could site-see before heading to live recording of SNL on Saturday night. When you start to head back on Sunday, you will have laughed your hearts out and enjoyed the bucket list item.

3. Vegas Fun

If you and your significant other are feeling lucky, you could plan a getaway to one of the more than 1000 casinos across the U.S. You might even win back the money you spent toward the trip.

And although you do not have to head to Las Vegas, NV to pull the slots and roll the dice, Vegas is still a very popular destination. You can find very affordable travel and lodging accommodations, too. There is a never-ending amount of sites to see, food to eat and games to play.

You also could find tickets to a live show in Las Vegas to tie into the trip. There are amazing performances every night in Vegas that are definitely worth your time. Whether its comedy, the circus or anything in between.

4. Rest and Relaxation at the Beach

If you and your partner would benefit from extra sunshine, refreshing breezes, and being nearby the water, you should think about beach travel. When it comes to weekend getaways, any opportunities for rest and relaxation should be popular with your significant other.

Of course, you will be able to enjoy the beach. But you can also schedule in water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing. Maybe you could book a private boat and have dinner served on the water complete with the freshest, local seafood. And don’t forget that beach communities usually have some great shopping. Grab yourselves some souvenirs and maybe an impulse purchase or two.

This is a great idea if you also don’t want to plan too many activities. You can be and the beach all day and not have to worry about planning any extra things to do.

5. Camping Amidst Fall Foliage

Have you ever thought about taking a camping trip when the leaves are changing at the introduction of the fall season? This can be a breath-taking experience for you and the person you love. Imagine how nice it would be snuggled up with your partner by a fire as you gaze upon the beautiful foliage of autumn.

Among the great destinations for you to consider is camping in New Hampshire. The fall colors are absolutely spectacular and there are many quiet places to stay in. If you live in the North East, then you can enjoy getting there easily by car. You will be able to take in the foliage even more. And if you need to get to New Hampshire by flight, you have many major and regional airports in the North East that make getting to The Granite State rather easy.

This tends to be an underestimated place to travel and therefore you can also enjoy that there are fewer crowds and there is no need to plan too far in advance. Which makes it perfect for a last-minute trip and a great surprise.

Weekend Getaways that Wow

If you want to do something special and wow your significant other, you should definitely consider a weekend getaway. Just make sure you pick something you know they will enjoy. And be sure to consider the five suggestions above. Each idea is a surprise weekend getaway that almost anyone will love.

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