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5 Ways to Use LED Fixtures to Spice up Your Event


Planning an event requires putting in your all. This is necessary to ensure that attendees have the best moments. One of the best ways to spice up an event today is using LED. All it takes is locating a reliable equipment hire company to supply you appropriate equipment. Here are the various ways to use LED fixtures on your event.

5 Ways to Use LED Fixtures to Spice up Your Event

LED Lighting

Modern event lighting systems today are LED-based. Ensure to hire LED lighting features for a combination to transform your venue. LED spotlights allow putting the focus on stage by lighting it accordingly. Adding this lighting fixture gives your stage a professional touch. It also ensures that speakers are clearly visible on stage while the audience space is more ambient and darker. Stage washes give the stage light color or to highlight an exhibition area. The color washes can echo plain white or your corporate colors.

LED uplights illuminate particular features at your venue including signage and pop up banners. There can give out various color combinations to spice up your event. Uplights are battery-powered and wireless to allow use in hard-to-access areas. Completing your event lighting requires special effects to impress the audience using Gobos. These beam your logo or patterned design while fading in and out. Additionally, the Gobos can project light patterns creating a magical feel.

LED screens

To give attendees new experiences, don’t miss screens when considering LED rental in Dubai. LED screens are uniquely mobile for use at various spots at the venue. This gives everyone great experiences. The screens allow viewing content perfectly clear even in broad daylight regardless of location. These screens are highly versatile to match your various event needs including social media to enhance attendee interaction. Guests share opinions of your event and their photos as well as mobile voting.

The screens also come in handy to boost your marketing effort. You can broadcast promotions and digital coupons directly to the audience. Additionally, you can use the screens to highlight your event sponsors. The best thing about using LED screens on your event is their 100 percent visibility during day time. Additionally, these screens are scalable to any shape, vision, and size. There is a possibility to get a screen to spice up your festival, fair, sporting event, or concert.

LED furniture

Selecting ideal furniture for your event is a daunting task. Luckily, LED furniture will give your attendees a new experience. Apart from making your event look incredible, this furniture is safe to use, functional, and cheap. LED furniture creates a relaxing atmosphere at the venue this allows guests to enjoy the event in a less rowdy fashion. Use couches and tables with soothing light in appropriate colors to manage people’s emotions.

LED furniture creates an elegant environment to make everyone feel part of a glamorous and luxurious event. This furniture makes people feel pampered to make them feel attending is a great business decision. Program LED furniture to light with music in the background to make people have a great time. Including battery-powered LED lights in chairs and tables gives an event an edge over others. This enhancement arouses curiosity and event aesthetics. Your event becomes more exciting, functional, and classy.

LED walls

For better visuals on your event, hire LED walls too. Using these creatively gives your guests a new experience. LED walls have better pixels for higher image quality. The walls take up less space on the venue compared to screens and projectors. Additionally, these walls make great speaker backdrops while maintaining image quality and without requiring unimpeded space in front like screens. The LED walls are paired with powerful visuals to create a stellar first impression to display video and enhance your décor.

LED walls have feet wide panels without configuration in a solid rectangle. The walls are arranged curved or serpentine formation. You can have the walls arranged in a way that gives a truly unique appeal to your event. These walls are for more than staging and primary screens but also for displaying video content in exhibition spaces and lobbies. You can also use LED walls for displaying maps, event schedules, and sponsorship placement. This allows for creating immersive and memorable experiences for your guests.

LED dance floor

Wedding receptions, corporate parties, college events, and fashion shows need LED dance floors for amazing centerpieces. This dance floor gives a dynamic display of colors to make the floor come alive to give attendees the ultimate experience. These floors come in various options including:

  • Acrylic topped LED dance floor for outdoor and indoor use
  • LED Interactive Dance Floor with a very low video screen resolution
  • LED Video Dance Floor with a medium resolution for sporting events and large concerts

Bottom line

Creating a pleasant experience on your event makes attendees talk about it for years. The best way to create an impressive event is to use LED fixtures. You can get these from a reliable event equipment rental company to match your event requirements.

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