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5 Tips To Fix Your House Before Selling It


Keeping a home in a decent condition is fairly important when it comes to selling it in the market. Buyers tend to incline towards properties which are not just as per their requirements but also in a good shape and well-maintained.

5 Tips to fix your House before selling it

Here are some of the most important things you should consider repairing before selling your home:

1. Kitchen

Kitchen can make or break a deal. Everyone requires a spacious kitchen with all new appliances. This is where people not just cook but also entertain.

As far as appliances are concerned, it is imperative to keep a check on them to know whether or not they are functioning properly. It’s always better to fix it ahead of time to avoid any trouble in the future.

Along with this, water features must operate leak-free, and drains must function clear and free. The overflow drain, which prevents overfilling a tub, should be functioning. Cold and hot choices should function as noticeable on the taps. But first and foremost, you must be certain there’s clean drinking water arriving from the kitchen. If not, then you must consider getting a home water filtration system.

2. Bathrooms

Just like a Kitchen, Bathrooms also possess mostly mechanical systems which include plumbing as well as electrical. That means they are prone to have the highest likelihood of damage.

To steer clear of such problems, you must look into the basics in a bathroom i.e. bathtubs and showers. Fixtures like the shower heads must be properly operational and the drains are clear of any clogs. With that, the acrylic on a bathtub must not be peeling or a replacement must be put in place. Not just that, the exhaust port, which eliminates the steam in the shower, ought to be completely operational. Any broken shower tiles must be substituted.

3. Home Interior

Interiors must never be overlooked. These include the following:

  • Walls and ceilings – Nail holes, minor dings and dents in the drywall must be fixed accordingly. With that, painting the walls can give a fresher look to the house. This will not just be cheaper but will provide the buyer’s discretion of going with their desired wallpapers etc.
  • Flooring – Everything must be in a good condition which makes it imperative to replace any chipped or cracked floor tiles alongside, refinishing any scratched or dented hardwood. With that, if the floors are carpeted, getting them steam-cleaned is fairly important.

4. Home Exterior

Next is the most obvious aspect to look into: the exterior. The exterior has a lasting image on the buyers. If the exterior isn’t great, the interior might not impress the buyers much. With that being said, following components must be looked into:

  • Doors – Major dents are unforgivable and must be fixed. Hardware, such as door handles should also be in good condition, and weather stripping should be intact. Sliding glass doors must be suitably aligned on paths. The door resulting in the garage ought to be fire-rated and code-compliant. You might have to call a contractor to replace doors or slide paths.
  • Roof – Roof should not be overlooked . It should have no broken or perhaps missing tiles, tiles such as ridge caps, because these elements safeguard your house from water damage. Cracks, bubbles, and blisters from the sealant will also be common. Repair any harm to the underlayment, that is the layer under the roof tiles or shingles. Interior water damage may signify a roof leak, that makes it crucial to be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Drainage – Drainage must also be looked into. If water collects with a specific foundation in the event of rain, then you have to have to get a specialist for the role of re-grading the lawn or to simply burst out concrete to correct the matter. Likewise, in the event the downspouts remove rainwater in the basis of the home, but there is no runoff, that is an issue.

5. Yard

Moving on to the yard, decks as well as landscaping are two most important components to peek into.

For decks, it must be ensured that it is structurally sounds with code-compliant guardrails. Not just that, support columns should also be strong and reliable. To prevent any water damage, which, most decks are prone to, you can apply a coat of polyurethane over it to prevent future water damage.

Furthermore, the trees, shrubs, plants or any sort of vegetation around the property must also be trimmed since they pose the threat of a serious damage as well. With that, make sure no trees or shrubs are touching the home and interfering.

It can be a challenge to sell your home and making a big move elsewhere. The process is not just a tedious one but also a stressful one. To make the best of this time, it is important to make checklists and prioritize the tasks accordingly.


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