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5 Things Which Leads to Down Your Credit Score


Your credit score is one of the most significant factors when it comes to money lending. Based on this score, lending institutions decide whether to give you a loan or a credit card. Therefore, you must never take your credit score for granted. If you think only loan defaults can hamper your credit score, you are mistaken. Defaulting on credit card payments can also negatively impact your credit score.

5 Things Which Leads to Down Your Credit Score

Here are 5 ways that a credit card can pull down your credit score:

1. Applying For Several Credit Cards Frequently – Lending money is risky. To safeguard their interests and assess your creditworthiness, banks or lending institutions enquire about your credit report from bureaus, when you apply for an online credit card or loan. So, apply for credit only when you require it. In addition, avoid applying for multiple credit card from different lending institutions, since it is perceived as a sign of desperation and could further lower your credit score.

2. Maintaining High Credit Utilisation Ratio – A credit utilisation ratio is the ratio of your credit available and credit utilised. It is advisable not to use more than 30% of the credit available on your card as credit bureaus could cut back your credit score. They could regard you as a risky prospect, fearing that you may max out on your cards, and have trouble making payments in the future.

3. Not Paying Your Credit Card Bills – Credit card apps simplify making credit card payments on time and help you keep track of your due dates. Not repaying your bills on time can not only affect your credit score but also jeopardise your chances of getting credit approvals from other lenders. Also, avoid partial repayments as it gives an impression you are struggling with your finances that could lower your credit score.

4. Defaulting On An Add-on Card – Add-on cards can be extended to your parents, spouse, and children. The expenses incurred on such cards are billed to the primary cardholder. If the costs on add-on cards are not managed wisely, it can impact the credit score of the primary holder as well. It is wise to monitor the credit utilisation ratio on all cards combined to prevent your credit score from taking a beating.

5. Closing A Credit Card Account – Lenders consider profiles with short credit history riskier than those with longer histories. Closing your credit card account may seem like a good idea, but once the credit no longer appears on your credit report, it could negatively impact your credit score. You must carefully evaluate your decision to close a credit card account before acting on it.

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