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5 Reasons Students Procrastinate and How to Stop Doing It


Procrastination is a universal problem – It is the bane of every human’s existence. You must have noticed that you procrastinate even when you know you shouldn’t. Think about Newton’s first law of motion; a body will remain at rest unless otherwise compelled to move. There is no denying that the dilemma of procrastination is all-inclusive and pervasive.

5 Reasons Students Procrastinate and How to Stop Doing It

Do you often mutter to yourself, ‘I should really be studying’ while playing Tekken with your school friends online? Probably yes. Procrastination impacts people from all walks of life. It is the sole reason behind delayed assignment submissions and missing out on important deadlines for your coursework. If the problem is so pervasive, there must be some ways we can counter it.

Let’s explore the top five reasons students tend to procrastinate and the unique ways you can combat them.

1. The task isn’t as urgent

Procrastination can go beyond studying and begin to affect your daily lives. It can slowly become a habit as you begin to derive comfort from not pushing after deadlines, and exceeding your everyday goals and objectives. In the end, we are often left with regrets and feel sorry about the opportunities that slipped through our fingers. The question is, why do we put ourselves through so much trouble? There is no simple answer to that.

You may procrastinate because it is quite difficult to prioritise tasks that aren’t as urgent. Eventually, these tasks create a large pile of assignments that remain at the bottom of your to-do list.

The solution:

You may want to consider the bigger picture here. If you finalise your tasks in advance, then you leave the time for other things.

2. You don’t know where to start

This is another big factor when it comes to instigating days packed with procrastination brimming with borderline anxiety is not knowing where to start. You may feel overwhelmed and confused – this usually leads to disorganisation and failing behind important deadlines. You get discouraged to even start because you are not aware of where to begin in the first place.

The solution:

The most important thing to remember here is to acknowledge that it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious. You can start to bring some organisation in your life by making small ‘figure out steps’ or get a friend on board to motivate you. Also, you can take advice from professionals like dissertationavenue for assignment help.

3. You are afraid of failure

Fear is by far which is also the single most overriding factor when it comes to procrastination. It is almost paralysing and stops you from carrying out simple tasks. If you have high standards, then you may struggle with the fear of failing to match the levels of excellence you are used to.

The solution:

It can be worthwhile to remind yourself to untangle your self-worth from your inherent need to be a perfectionist. Perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand and are often a recipe for disaster. There is a lot more to your worth than achieving what you want.

4. You work better under pressure

Another big factor that contributes toward our procrastination habit is the fact that some of you may work better under pressure. All of us know that one student who opens the textbook in the last few days before the final exam and surprisingly manage to acquire the best grades! However, that may or may not be you.

The solution:

If you have a good understanding of what works best for you, it can be quite easy to manage and plan accordingly. Trust your intuition and work following your innate qualities and talents.

5. You simply don’t want to do your work

This one is pretty straight-forward and blunt – if you do not wish to finish your work and display a sheer lack of interest, then you are likely to fall behind. It makes sense, why would you want to work at 3 p.m. on a sunny afternoon? However, if your goals require you to pull an all-nighter, you should follow through and hope to succeed in your academic endeavour.

Remember about the results you expect to get from your engineering exam. As in any industry such as social media marketing or business, there are specific standards for evaluating your preparation level. Your tutor could stick to it so you need to follow all guidelines.

The solution:

Many college students tend to procrastinate because there are other fun alternatives. Reduce the distractions, and you are more likely to follow through tight deadlines.

Now that you know how to fight back procrastination, we hope you wouldn’t miss your important submission deadlines.


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