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5 Major Parts of the Taxonomy


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5 Major Parts of the Taxonomy

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We define taxonomy as the branch of science related to the classification. This classification generally refers to the classification of animals, plants, are organisms.


You probably know the importance of classification if you are a science student. If not, let us brief you quickly. There are millions of different living things around the world. Thousands have gone extinct as well. Therefore it is important to form a structure between these different beings.

The biggest classification that we make is the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. Both of these represent the structure and families of animals and plants.

It is impossible to study all these being without forming a proper structure. There are plenty of living things with minor alterations in their DNA from a particular group, but we consider them different.

Similarly, some different animals and plans look poles apart but belong to the same family because of their other characteristics. Therefore, it is crucial to understand this difference between these living beings.


Taxonomy is a difficult subject to comprehend that you already might have understood. However, there are major parts that make up the field of taxonomy. So, we will discuss these parts to help you develop a better understanding. The five major parts of taxonomy are as follows:



The first important part of taxonomy is the kingdom of species. We generally divide all the species that we know into five or six kingdoms. We include kingdoms such as animals, plants, fungi, protists, archaea, and bacteria in these kingdoms.

However, we have found new relations to these kingdoms as the biological studies have advanced. For example, the protists group is more similar to the animal and plant kingdom than the fungi kingdom. Similarly, we know that the fungi kingdom is probably the unique one among these kingdom groups.


The term phylum is very broad in itself since we consider different species a single phylum. We do not group them although, these species may not have the same physical characteristics a similar root DNA. For example, a phylum of anthropods is the best example of this.
We count millions of insects in the phylum of anthropods.

Similarly, a common division that we make in terms of phylum is vertebrates and invertebrates. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that phylum is the broadest category amongst all others.


There are different species that we call by their common names. These names come from their Anglo-Saxon names such as fish, birds, mammals, etc. these are the kind of names that we have given to different subclasses of each phylum. For example, the phylum of vertebrates is further divided into birds, mammals, rodents, etc.

It is important to divide the species further into class because it helps differentiate them more. These classes are usually based on their physical or activity-based characteristics. For example, creatures that have wings, lay eggs, have a beak, etc. are called birds.

Similarly, creatures that look after their offspring, feed them, have body hair, etc. are known as mammals. It becomes easier to differentiate the species if we understand the division of class better.


The next division is perhaps the most complex and the most important one for students of taxonomy. The genus and species are the part of taxonomy that help determine the name of each species. We call the naming system binomial nomenclature.

The word binomial means two names. Therefore this system operates by giving each species a name of two words at least.

The brilliant scientist Carl Linneaus was the one who came up with this naming system. It was so functional and helpful that we are still using it to date. We still name the different species in their biological names by using this method.

However, the names can get difficult to remember, but people use tricks such as acronyms to remember these names. You can also develop your own methods if you want to learn the names of these species. However, there are plenty of digital content editor on various websites if you need to learn more.


The last thing on our list of parts of taxonomy is the family and order. It is the method that we use to assign a family group to each specifies. It is also important to keep the order of this classification in mind. This is because that plays a vital role in the process too.

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