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5 Benefits of Gym Floor Covers


Your gym floor is vital to the safety of your customers and employees and the products you put on and in it. Sport-Court provides gym floor coverings that protect your equipment, minimize danger, and make cleanup easy. Gym floor covers come in a variety of styles and also are available in an array of colors. Here are five benefits of gym floor covers.

5 Benefits of Gym Floor Covers

1. They Provide Enhanced Safety

There are plenty of ways to make your gym floor more welcoming and enjoyable for employees, customers, and members. Adding a little color can help draw various types of attention to different parts of the space. Planning for the safety of your gym floor is just as important. As gym equipment is used non-stop in a variety of crowded areas, there is a tendency for accidents to happen.

Sport-Court helps reduce the risk with our rubber mats that provide cushioning, traction, and reinforced borders to prevent tripping hazards. Rubberized gym floor covers offer the same protection with even more advantages. Gym floor covering also minimizes greasy residue, helping to keep the floor safe and clean.

2. They Protect Equipment and Products

One benefit of rubber gym floor covering is that it minimizes the friction on your machinery by absorbing vibrations from equipment, making it last longer. Rubber gym mats also absorb impact, minimizing the risk of damage to your equipment and products. It also can make for a safer workout for you and your customers and protect them from tripping hazards and possible injuries.

Modern gym flooring offers more than just protection; it also helps you maximize profits with various innovative selling opportunities. In addition to rubber gym mats, you can also choose from fitted gym floor tiles with your logo. This creates a unique retail opportunity.

3. They Make Cleanup Easy

For many gyms, a factor in choosing the right flooring is the ease of cleaning it. Sport-Court designs our products to simplify cleanup, whether simply wiping up small spills or vacuuming larger messes. Rubber gym mats, for example, won’t absorb moisture and can be easily cleaned with a broom or by taking them outside and hosing them down while they are still set up inside the walls of your facility.

Rubber gym flooring also means you do not have to worry about damage when you take a product out of storage. In addition to rubber floor mats, you can also choose rubber gym tiles that are easy to wipe down. Rubberized tiles are great for storing and moving equipment because they won’t scratch flooring or the equipment.

4. They Protect Gym Floors from Moisture and Odor

People tend to go indoors to escape the heat and humidity when it’s humid outside. A gym, however, is a place that is supposed to be welcoming to everyone. It should be a safe space for all users, whether you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape for an upcoming event. If your gym floor has become too wet or smelly over time, this could cause injuries that are expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Flexible gym floor covering can be easily rolled up and stored when you need it gone and immediately rolled back up when the weather improves – preventing water issues and helping eliminate odors.

5. They Can Be Customized

Gym flooring designed for retail can be modified to fit the needs of your location. Ideally, a gym floor should have the right amount of cushion and traction for customers yet be strong enough to handle the weight of heavy equipment. Rubber gym matting is a simple way to protect people and equipment. Rubberized gym mats are also used with carpeted areas if that’s what you need in your facility.

Just like rubber floor mats are easy to clean, they’re also incredibly easy to install on pre-existing surfaces. This makes it possible for you to use them in various areas or even take them with you when you move to another location.


Gym floor coverings are a simple way for small businesses to save money on long-term gym flooring costs and make improvements to the overall look and feel of their facility. Add in the ability to increase product sales, reduce accidents, and offer customers a safer workout area; there’s no better investment you can make.

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