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5 Areas Where Green Building Construction Helps


5 Areas Where Green Building Construction Helps

“Green building are hallmarks of economically sound business decisions , thoughtful environmental decision and smart human impact.”

~Rick Fedrizzi
Founder, US Green Building Council

With the increasing awareness of how we are responsible for depleting the environment of its natural resources and degrading its beauty to an extent where we might not leave a healthier future for our generations to come, green building construction which started as a movement can now be seen implemented in every sphere of our lives.

The global construction market, upon realization of its ecological and profitable application, is increasingly making use of green building construction materials and encouraging owners to do the same.

To the uninitiated green building construction is the designing, planning, and construction of a premise, operation of whose promotes a healthier environment without degrading the quality of any energy resource be it land, water or earth in and around the building.

Although as for now entirely adopting green building construction might not seem feasible with the rising construction cost and limited understanding, it sure will serve a purpose towards a sustainable environment in the long run.

In our post today, we are going to discuss the five areas wherein the green building construction has shown a positive impact and will continue to do so if the development is done in an effective manner abiding by the green building principles:


Environmentally sustainable construction will promote a cleaner flow of air quality. Through green building construction, the theory of reducing, reuse and recycle when put into use will reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Since the construction reduces the maintenance cost, the reselling value of the property is also enhanced with the structure promoting healthy and guilt-free living. The indoor quality index will also improve the quality of life.


The materials used in green building construction such as bamboo, wood, timber, jute, etc do not emit any harmful chemical, unlike the conventional construction material like asbestos, which can be detrimental for the health. The eco-friendly construction does not make use of plastic by-products that degenerate the environment and contribute to pollution borne infections and diseases like breathing problems.


Since green building construction’s ultimate aim is to reduce the burden on the energy resources by the installation of solar panels or designing windows that give way to natural light and reduce the usage of artificial lights. With green building construction, the utilization of nonrenewable resources is reduced to the minimum possible. By opting for green building construction, we contribute to a healthier environment.


With the quality of living enhanced in the organization, the green construction providing fresh air to breathe, with natural light giving a relaxed feeling, the employees will be able to better focus on their work. This will in return have a positive impact on employee working zeal, which will escalate their attendance and further enhance the organization’s productivity.

Now that we have listed the major area displaying significant improvement due to the implementation of green building construction, before diving head straight into the concept and starting with it, it is advisable to consult an organization/individual holding green building certification. Green design professionals have the knowledge and expertise to identify and accordingly plan a green building construction to ensure maximum sustainable development and minimum waste of energy resources.

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