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3 Things to Consider When Installing a New A/C


If your AC has served you for more than 15 years, it’s time to replace it. Note that different A/Cs have different lifespans. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you notice that you’re A/C has worn out sooner than the 10-15 years expected lifespan. The three common signs of a worn-out A/C include frequent breakdowns, fluctuating humidity, and high energy bills.

3 Things to Consider When Installing a New AC

If you have recently moved to a bigger home, your A/C might be insufficient to serve the new big space. If you find that repairing your old A/C has become an expensive venture, you might need to consider replacing the unit. Before upgrading to a new A/C unit, read the three things below that you should consider.


If you’ve decided to install a new A/C, you know it’s a huge investment, hence ensure that you’re purchasing the right unit size for your home. Buying the right A/C size saves you from high energy bills, in the case of a larger A/C. A smaller unit takes longer to cool your home, and you might find it inadequate to serve you in extremely hot weather.

While you can calculate the home area that needs cooling using this simple method, consult Utah County A/C installation professionals (or whatever area you live in) to give you an accurate unit size ideal for your home. An expert in A/C installation can quickly analyze the space that needs cooling to ensure that your new A/C fits your cooling needs. The right side of an A/C ascertains that your cooling system will perform efficiently for more than a decade, with regular maintenance.

Type of A/C

Before purchasing a new A/C, it’s crucial to know the unit type that you need. The common two types of A/Cs installed in homes today include a split or a packaged unit. Among the two, the packaged unit is the most commonly used as a central air system. It includes three major components that make it work effectively: an evaporator, compressor, and condenser, all in a single cabinet.
You are most likely to find this cabinet secured on the roof or on an outdoor concrete slab. More so, the packaged air conditioner includes either a furnace that runs on natural gas or electric coils, eliminating the need to buy a separate furnace.

If you already have a furnace, go for the split system since with the furnace installed, all you need it an air conditioner. A split system can either be placed on an outdoor or an indoor cabinet. While the outdoor cabinet has both the condenser and compressor, an indoor cabinet has the evaporator and can also contain the furnace.

A/C Features

Once you’ve settled for the size and type of A/C to purchase, consider the features you fancy in your unit. A few of these features include remote controls and integrated air filters. You also need to assess the A/C’s ability to direct the flow of air because even the most quality units won’t be of much comfort if they fail to direct cool air where it’s required.

With this tip in mind, note that most modern models come with adjustable louvers, allowing you to direct cool air horizontally or vertically. It’s important to consider your space’s layout before settle for a particular A/C to ensure that it can direct the air above and around obstructions in the room, such as couches.

If controls are important features for your comfort, it’s important to choose one that suits your preferences. The most basic units have simple controls such as knob to regulate temperature and one for fan power. Although such models are excellent to cool your home, they have no subtle climate controls.

If you fancy advanced models, go for one with digital controls that monitors and maintains temperatures to your liking. The most modern A/Cs have smart control where you can adjust the temperatures or switch off your unit remotely through an app installed on your phone. Note that most smart A/C units also use voice commands like Alexa.

Replacing your old A/C is a huge and expensive step. Hence, ensure that you purchase the perfect A/C according to the size of your home and personal preferences. Since it can be overwhelming shopping for the right A/C, consulting an expert in A/C installation is an excellent move.


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