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10 Best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software Companies


Robotic Process Automation is an emerging disruptive technology that is significantly transforming the way businesses operate. It adds significant value to help organizations unlock enhanced productivity. As RPA has several use cases in virtually all industries, it is drawing immense interest from startups and established companies.

In contrast to traditional automation, RPA automation mimics the actions of a human but performs operations at faster speeds and improved accuracy. Benefits of implementing RPA in business systems include better regulatory compliance, consistency, increased customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

10 Best Robotic Process Automation Software Companies

RPA can give your business the boost it requires for maximum profitability. If you’re looking to hire a reputable robotics software development company, then here are 10 best RPA service providing companies. Before we jump into the top 10, let’s see what RPA is actually capable of and what industries find major use for them.

What can RPA do?

RPA frees humans from having to do mundane and repetitive tasks over and over again. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to carry out monotonous tasks like copy pasting data, reentering data and validating documents.

This technology automates manual and rule-based tasks by integrating itself with existing IT systems. Implementing RPA is simple. It can be non-invasively implemented in both frontend and backend processes. As a result, it can seamlessly process, analyze and execute autonomous functions.

RPA can automate any software even if the user does not know coding. RPA software services have user-friendly, easy-to-understand User Interfaces with convenient drag and drop features. By using such tools, users can instantly create automated workflows.

Use cases of RPA

RPA takes over menial tasks and lets businesses direct human resources to higher value tasks. Businesses belonging to virtually all domains report reduction in costs, increase in regulatory compliance, lesser errors and increased profitability after implementing RPA in their systems. Here are 4 important industry applications of RPA.

Human resources

HR is a crucial division of all businesses. When an organization scales up, so does its employees and in turn so does its HR department. This division performs a plethora of time consuming and repetitive tasks like recruitment, assessing employee activities, consolidating salary slips and more.

RPA can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to deploy virtual assistants known as chatbots in businesses. They are capable of responding to employee queries instantly and accurately. In the backend, appropriate RPA measures can be deployed to efficiently process employee information.


Banks are often deluged in substantial amounts of data exchange and paper-work, resulting in slow operations. They also receive a large number of phone calls on a daily basis.

Robotics software development can help banks work more efficiently by implementing innovative solutions that detects and halts frauds, automatically verifies documents, background information of customers and more.


RPA is a great substitute for extensive human labor in the manufacturing industry. It can be taught to differentiate between quality products and products that don’t meet regulatory standards. Even when it comes to processing refunds, placing orders and investigating inventory, RPA can perform these tasks with little to no human intervention. Bottomline is that RPA can fully automate manufacturing processes and change the scale of operations according to demand.


The healthcare industry is continuously striving to improve its operations, and RPA certainly helps. This emerging technology can automate healthcare tasks like supply chain, billing, consolidation of patient records and more. By implementing in this industry, all of its businesses can work more efficiently, with speed and with accuracy.

Top 10 RPA companies

1. SmartPoint

SmartPoint offers top-notch full-cycle end-to-end Robotic Process Automation solutions. They design and deploy AI-enabled virtual teams that process business information 24/7, at lightning speeds and with incredible accuracy. Their services include identifying core business processes that can be automated and developing tailor made RPA strategies. Their technology can effectively automate front office, middle office and back office IT operations. SmartPoint’s RPA solutions empower companies to revamp core business processes for maximum productivity and return on investment.

2. Kyron systems

Kryon systems aim to expedite day-to-day business tasks. Their robotics software consulting services enable organizations to improve performance levels and in turn scale up quickly. Kryon systems build robotic software algorithms that allow human and virtual workforces to seamlessly work together.

3. Automation Anywhere

Automation anywhere strives to take mundane, repetitive tasks off of human hands and place it in the hands of robots. They design digital RPA workforces that interact with applications just the way humans do. Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions accelerate business functions for better returns.

4. Automation Edge

Automation Edge offers intelligent RPA services for the automation of a wide range of IT operations. They help businesses grow, achieve compliance and help clients reduce costs. Automation Edge uses custom business logic and complex integration to seamlessly implement RPA solutions in businesses.

5. Happiest minds

Happiest Minds support services that handle repetitive and manual processes. They aim to empower businesses with technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Happiest minds offer 360 degree RPA solutions for all industries – be it banking, accounting, retail, etc.

6. Pega

Pega enables businesses to work at increased speeds and eliminate errors. They have immense expertise in deploying intelligent virtual workforces that simplify customer and employee experience. Pega implements quick Robotic Process Automation that delivers fast outcomes.

7. Blueprism

Blueprism delivers a 24/7 intelligent digital workforce based on business requirements. Using the cloud and AI, their RPA consulting services aim to accelerate automations and improve customer satisfaction. Blueprism implements new and profit generating capabilities in workflow systems.

8. Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech aims to transform and enable businesses to take their operational efficiency to new heights. They offer custom RPA solutions along with complete support. Narola Infotech develops excellent tailor-made RPA strategies that increase business ROI.

9. automai

automai believes that humans should think and innovate while robots perform monotonous and tedious tasks. They offer a wide range of RPA services that emulate human behavior. automai’s RPA solutions are suited for businesses belonging to all industry domains.

10. Softomotive

Softomotive empowers people and enterprises by slashing through functional complexities. Their RPA solutions are powerful, reliable, intuitive and scalable. They help organizations build structured workflows and minimize human error by deploying software robots.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting services simplify business functions. By deploying this new technology, businesses can effectively harness the power of humans and robots working hand in hand. By charging business operations with both human intelligence and RPA’s artificial intelligence, businesses can take their day-to-day activities to skyrocketing heights.


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