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11 Homemade Solutions For Controlling Pests And Insects


As long as humans have food, you can be sure that insects and pests aren’t far away. And yet, this doesn’t mean that there’s no other way but to tolerate them. Here are 11 solutions that you can implement right now to prevent or eliminate the risk of pest or insect infestation.

11 Homemade Solutions For Controlling Pests And Insects

#1 Create Barriers

Creating barriers to deter pests from entering your home is an excellent first line of defense. For example, grinding garlic, mixing it with water and applying it to insect entrances can dissuade a plethora of insects.

On the downside, you will have to re-apply, and these kinds of methods don’t kill insects nor control the population.

#2 Soap Is A Secret Weapon

Not a lot of people know that soap will kill a lot of insects, including beetles, white flies, aphids, and mites, to name a few. Furthermore, you only need to add 1.5 tsp of liquid soap per 1 quart of tap water. Spray it on the insects or potential places they populate.

However, your soap solution evaporates after some time so you’ll have to re-apply.

#3 Oil Spells Trouble

Oil can hinder or prevent normal insect anatomical functions, causing death. Thrips, mites, and aphids are especially susceptible to an oily death. Spray a solution of tbsp of liquid soap and 1 cup of cooking oil to “liquidate” the pesky insects.
On the downside, this solution is rather greasy and will eventually evaporate.

#4 No To Citrus?

A mix of unsweetened lemon juice and water will drive spiders away. Also, you merely need to apply the solution to places where spiders typically appear.

However, applying the solution will take time and will also evaporate, making it less potent.

#5 Assassinate The Queen

Killing an ant queen will cause a severe blow to the population. An easy way to do this is by spreading some grit around the ant nest entrances. Eventually, the grit will find its way to the queen’s stomach. When it rains, the grit expands and killing the queen in the process.

On the downside, this is only effective if the grit stays dry before the queen consume it.

#6 Roach Extermination

Baking soda will kill roaches but its exactly not an enticing food for them. Hence, mix equal parts of baking soda and powdered sugar to trick them into eating baking soda. Boric acid is also fatal to roaches.

However, some roaches will eventually develop resistance or immunity to your fatal mix.

#7 Vinegar Confusion

A lot of insects use scents to communicate and find food. Using a solution made from equal parts of vinegar and water will often cause problems for insects, especially ants. You can apply the solution to entrances and near your food storage.

On the downside, this method is only a deterrent and won’t kill the source of the problem.

#8 Moth Problems

An easy way to deter moth is the use of cloves. Mothballs also work, but they tend to stink.

For moth swarms, you can use a bowl of water and hang a light source above it. Eventually, most of the moths will find their way into the water and drown.

However, such solutions are only a deterrent or temporary.

#9 Rosemary Isn’t Only For Steaks

Fleas on your pets and bedding can be driven away by Rosemary. Typically, you need to grind Rosemary and sprinkle it to apply.
On the downside, this method will only drive the fleas away and they will only look for another meal source.

#10 Wines Can Kill

Fruit flies are fatally attracted to wines. To create your deadly mixture, combine a small amount of wine and an even smaller amount of liquid soap. The soap will reduce surface tension and will cause the fruit flies to drown.

However, this method will only kill the adult fruit flies.

#11 Sticky Death

To create your homemade fly trap, you can boil sugar, corn syrup, and water until it forms a sticky substance. Apply it to a piece of paper. The flies will be attracted to the sweet smell and will get stuck.

On the downside, this will only take care of the adult flies.

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