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Why Multi-Tenant IP PBX is One Stop Solution for Your Business Communication Needs


Never do things by halves. If you do put a communication system in place for your business, more is always better. The more in this instance is not a vanilla IP PBX but a full-featured multi-tenant IP PBX solution. Your IP PBX becomes your one stop business communication solution, especially enterprises with wide-spread operations. Here is why.

Why Multi-Tenant IP PBX is One Stop Solution for Your Business Communication Needs

Simplified communications

Consider a multi-branch organization. Each branch becomes a tenant and all such tenants are unified through a single controlling unit with CRM integration. What this means:

Executives in one location can communicate with executives in another branch or talk with customers and the other way around.

Two-way and three-way Conferences may be conducted between individuals and teams with no extended hassles of setting them up.

Call return and routing to the right person becomes automated and immediate resulting in speedy communication and faster resolution.

The Find Me/Follow Me feature takes on added meaning and value in a multi-tenant hosted IP PBX Solution. An executive of one branch may be out of office or visiting another branch. Getting in touch with him at any time becomes easy. With mobile integration comes the added facility of any time and anywhere communication.

Simplified accounting, records maintenance and tracking usage

The centralized hosted multi-tenant IP PBX software in a business allows it to consider each tenant as a separate entity and account everything accordingly. This enables better records, usage tracking and access to data. Headquarters can know precisely usage patterns across various branches. If you had a separate IP PBX solution for each branch it would be difficult, not only from the above stated communication perspective but also from the data analytics and call records accounting perspective. You have up to the minute information of your IP PBX system. A single dashboard allows administrators to assign rights and set up permissions for each tenant and define parameters as well as set up least cost routing.

Advanced unified communication improves productivity and customer experiences

  • Vanilla IP PBX has limited feature sets. Look at advanced multi-tenant IP PBX and you have advanced communication facilities.
  • Audio conference and chats – on desktops and mobiles
  • Audio-video chats and conferences where documents may be shared and presentations made, cutting short the time it takes to arrive at a decision when collaborating between teams, with vendors or with clients.
  • Customer services rise to new levels with a unified IP PBX system that has audio and video chat features as above.
  • One person can ring an entire group and a group can pick up a call. Barge-in and whisper further enhance communication between people in one group without the other group or person being aware of it.
  • The included multi-level interactive voice response integration leads to higher level of customer satisfaction while leaving executives free to focus on tasks of importance rather than handle routine calls. Save on manpower costs and cost of communications.

Easy to maintain with redundant servers

  • Opt for hosted IP PBX and your communication channel never faces issues of being out of service. Hosted service providers ensure redundancy of servers to make sure you can make or receive calls 24x7x365.
  • Another advantage you get from a multi-tenant hosted IP PBX is that setup is immediate and you can get going with minimal investment in hardware. The existing set of computers can turn into communication systems with the addition of microphone, video camera and speakers. You may shift addresses but your communication lines always remain open since there is no hardware to uproot and reinstall. In a way you could say that you carry the system with you wherever you go, giving you agility and flexibility in communications.
  • Further, the service provider always assures backup support and upgrades. You enjoy the use of latest technologies without having to shell out a chunk of money. Better still, you pay as you go along, possibly out of revenues you earn.

If you have a medley of communication systems in place such as a PSTN line, VoIP PBX with IP phones and gateways, it is time to bid them goodbye and put in place a unified multi-tenant IP PBX solution. You reduce costs of communication; improve interaction between teams, with customers, with vendors and with service providers/associates. In fact, taking it a step further, you could even include your vendors in the multi-tenant setup for even more facile communications that could have positive impacts on your manufacturing and sales.

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