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Why Every Ten Out Of Hundred Students Gets Expelled From Colleges?


The academic structure today is warped and distorted, as rather than looking to climb the ladder of progressions and success, students are mired within trivial complexities. A student’s understanding of the academic structure is indeed inaccurate, as they fail to understand the importance it wields, owing to the chaos and difficulties they see surrounding them.

Why Every Ten Out Of Hundred Students Gets Expelled From Colleges

Therefore, it is a completely different scenario for a student to drop out of a university; however, getting expelled is an abomination in the eyes of society. On a macro level, substance abuse, abysmal academic performance, or inappropriate behavioural patterns such as racist slurs or bullying could lead to one’s expulsion.

However, on a micro-level, a student’s background, their access to resources, their understanding of breaking through a glass ceiling and their mental health wields significant significance. Seldom do individuals realise it? However, material possessions and the environment of a student’s home play an instrumental role in paving their pathway for either success or failure.

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Follow through to understand why particularly are students pushed into a zone whereby they feel suffocated enough to step out of the limits that constrict any form of rebellious or inappropriate behaviour.

Lack Of Material Possessions

Certain ethnicities or certain groups of people are marginalised in society, which inevitably makes inroads into the academic domain. When pupils see their peers have better access, a better network and better resources, they start developing sentiments that instil a sense of inferiority within them.

This inability to work from their home, the failure to perform adequately due to lack of resources and the inability to achieve their set goals, due to lack of monetary resources, pushes individuals into delinquent behaviours. They start questioning their abilities, they start picking fights, they develop animosity against their peers, and they become too negative, which pulls them into a whirlpool of destructive thoughts.

This lack of resources eventually pushes students to exhibit behaviours, such as skipping classes or consistently receiving poor grades, which leads them to be expelled eventually.

Unfair Treatment

Come what may, a certain proportion of individuals tend to experience unfair treatment on the part of their teachers, as certain teachers differentiate between students due to the background, family, gender, and ethnicity they come from.

This partiality drills borehole into a student’s system, as discriminative acts and behaviour directed towards them by their professor, starts hindering their academic performance, their self-confidence, their self-esteem and their engagement in their classroom. Once they detach themselves from activities that yield progressive results for them, they inch themselves closer to destructing themselves, which in turns leads colleges to expel them, as their behaviour becomes detrimental for themselves and the college.


Substance abuse is fast becoming a growing problem amongst students, as to deal with societal pressure, academic pressure and the other pressures that are shouldered upon them, they find their way towards drugs.

Their addictions lead them into destructive behavioural patterns, which in turn distances and pulls them further away from pursuing anything productive. Drug addiction also leads students to carry out acts that aren’t necessarily a part of their behaviour, such as saying stating racist statements, using foul language against their peers and professors, destructing property of the college or going on binges that are driven by mania.

Most colleges tend to expel students with a drug problem, as it isn’t a healthy behaviour to harbour within the premises of their institution.


Another common reason for students to get expelled from a college is the use of plagiarised content in their writing. By submitting homework that comprise of stolen ideas, students push themselves onto a dangerous pathway.

By using the ideas or perspective of another individual without giving credit to the source, students create unfavourable circumstances for themselves, which leads an academic institution to take the necessary actions.

On the whole, when it comes to an understanding why colleges expel students, then individuals need to understand that certain behavioural patterns need to be dealt with the appropriate ramifications, as otherwise, they’ll become the norm.


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