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Why Derby is the Ideal Business Location


When it comes to business location, it is important to carefully consider all options as to what would be best for your business. Every business has different needs when it comes to employee numbers and skills, as well as accessibility and so on. But Derby as a small but thriving city in the heart of England but what does it have to offer business?

Why Derby is the Ideal Business Location

Accessible transport links

As locations go, opting for office space in Derby is one of the best decisions you can make for a business that relies heavily on the transport of goods to and from the business base.


Bringing freight in and out by air is not an issue with both the East Midlands airport and Birmingham Airport within easy reach. This is great news if your staff regularly travel aboard too and if you welcome overseas clients.

Birmingham and Manchester on the doorstep

Derby is close to other major cities making it the ideal hub. Manchester is reachable by road under two hours and under an hour to Birmingham by road too. In fact, as a city, Derby is served well by the road network.

Rail network

There are strong rail links too, with London being just over an hour and a half by train from Derby. This means you can retain strong links to the capital without the expense of keeping a London base.

Small city, big on attraction

Derby is a smaller city but it stills packs a lot in. in fact, a major attraction of Derby is just how ‘city-like’ it is but without the trappings of other cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

There is always plenty happening in Derby including summer festivals to the screening of films in outdoor theatres and more. Over the years, it is a city that has recognised its unique position in being able to offer so much not just to its residents but to UK businesses too.

For many businesses, they use their location as part of the attraction for working for their company. And the city of Derby makes sure that it has plenty on offer. Fun and vibrant, you’ll be hard pressed to find another centre for your business that offers so much.

Property prices

Compared to other UK cities, the property prices in derby are lower and thus, much more attractive to potential employees.

However, this isn’t the only trend that Derby property prices have been bucking in recent years. Whilst other cities battle a sluggish property market, Derby’s property market is buoyant. Homeowners enjoyed a 10% increase in house value during 2018 and yet, the price for a three-bedroom family home in Derby remains on average lower than other major cities in the UK.

There is a good range of housing stock too, whether in the city or on outs picturesque outskirts. A buoyant property market is good news for any business relocating to Derby simply because once again, you can use it to attract exceptional talent to your business. With a choice of where they want to live and property well within their price range, employees will consider a move to this compact, yet vibrant city.

Exceptional range office and workspaces available

Great transport links and skilled population on the doorstep, just when you think it can’t get any better, Derby comes up with another reason why it makes the perfect location for any business.

The stock of modern and versatile workspaces and offices in Derby is second to none. A direct response to the realisation that as a city, it has the power to attract major brands and organisation, the city has been keen to develop all kinds of different office spaces from bespoke, modern serviced business units to warehouses and more.

A vibrant city surrounded by beautiful countryside, Derby offers so much and that’s why it is the place to start or move a business to.

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