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Why are Hotel Mattresses so Comfortable?


This is a very difficult task, but not impossible if you pay more attention to this topic. It is definitely worth investing in good quality mattresses for beds in a hotel or guest house. The quality of sleep and rest is one of the most important parameters affecting the assessment of the object and the reasons why we return to it more willingly.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for You

A good mattress is one that adapts to the shape of our body, so we must pay special attention to point elasticity. What is it about? Thanks to it, only selected points of the mattress react to body weight, not the entire surface. How can you check it? Just a simple test: you need to lie on your stomach and lean your elbows on the mattress. If the places under the elbows are distorted (plus a small area around), it means that the selected model has good point elasticity.

The choice of mattress also depends on what position we usually take when sleeping. If we prefer sleeping on the side – the mattress cannot be too hard, because it must flexibly adapt to the body. When we sleep most often on the back or on the stomach, the body weight is distributed more evenly, so we can choose a slightly harder mattress. However, if we often change position during sleep – the best will be mattresses for sleep, which actively adapt to changes.

Hotel mattresses – pockets and comfort of use

Thanks to the fact that the springs in the pocket mattresses are separated from each other and work independently, the mattress will adapt to the shape of the body of each sleeping person and will provide good support for her spine and will give muscles rest and relaxation. It is also the best solution for double beds, because the movements of one person do not arouse their partner, because they are not palpable. Of course, instead of one best comforting mattress for a double bed for the hotel you can also buy two mustache pocket or high-resilience foam mattresses. It is certainly not worth saving on hotel mattresses. Once every few years, and even more often, you should also think about replacing, because with such intensive use, such items of equipment quickly deteriorate.

Continental or traditional mattresses?

In hotels, two types of construction are usually used. In one of them, the so-called continental one, two mattresses are put on each other. One is a whole in the bed frame, while the other is put on top. This ensures comfort for the guests, but also keeps the bed clean, because the top mattress is easy to remove and wash. In addition, the top mattress protects the bottom of the bed. The second solution is to use one mattress, as in home beds. The mattress is placed on a frame, which ensures good air circulation and prevents the accumulation and development of mold spores and fungi. It is extremely important that the place that hosts various people is as free as possible from allergens.

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