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Which One Is Worth It: The Bajaj Dominar 400 Or The Mahindra Mojo?


Bajaj has always been open and forward when discussing who their commodities are aimed at. With the introduction of the Dominar 400, the firm has clarified it that been immensely inspired by the classic design of the Royal Enfield and its favourable market demand 300-500cc even though the Dominar doesn’t have many similarities to the Royal Enfields when it comes to the design, capability and objective. When we talk about any contenders that this mighty Bajaj’s cruiser, only a single rival stands a chance, the new and impressive Mahindra Mojo.

Which One Is Worth It - The Bajaj Dominar 400 Or The Mahindra Mojo

Styling and Design:

It does excellent work when it comes to design. The Dominar boasts of a well-aligned construct that’s more comfortable and cohesive than its rival, the RS200. This motorbike has a clean edge with strong, bright LED headlights, magnificent work on the body and a clear tail portion. Structure and construct are significantly better than the other previous Bajaj, and all the recent reviews indicate the lack of any creaks or squeaks to say. The Bajaj Dominar 400 has improved switchgear, which works in a more standardized way, and it better to be utilized. However, a modest low/high glare change for the headlight would have proved to be a better idea in place of the disorganized twin-switch, four-setting technique. It is undoubtedly good looking, although the Dominar hampers resemble its NS range cousins very much. It doesn’t grab much direct attention as the owners would prefer for its cost.

Performance of the Engine:

According to various blogs and reviewers after test driving the Dominar and the Duke 390; consequently, they think it’s not very easy to ascertain that one is designed on the other’s basis. The Dominar possesses a muscular nature with a tough middle ranged but can’t offer more than a range of 8,000rpm. The Bajaj utilizes a more susceptible SOHC valve train that’s spacious enough for three sparkplugs. Power and force numbers are good enough at the rate of 35PS and 35Nm, that turns the Dominar a significantly better alternative for The Mojo. The sounds of the engine are relatively more level in comparison to the KTM’s listless one and create a likely but graver sound compared to the NS range and RS200. The exposed, rough noise and performance is relatively the same as the NS range.

Suspension and Braking System:

The Mahindra Mojo UT 300 has a petal disc braking system that comprises an improved dissipation but does not comprise of ABS. In comparison, The Dominar not only has a disc braking system with BYBRE callipers but also a two-channel ABS technique. In brief, UT 300 has improved brakes in theory but doesn’t comprise the safety attribute so that they may be used during emergency conditions. Still, The Dominar has a perfect braking system. When it comes to the bikes’ suspension either motorbikes, have a very similar setup, comprising of a telescopic fork ahead and a mono-shock suspension system on the rear.

Riding and maintenance:

Seeing all the specifics, it’s The Dominar’s gleaming chassis is the one that steals the show, not the impressive engine it boasts of in comparison to The Mojo. The Bajaj consists of a reliable and nimble sense that gives the feel of a very smooth ride and amazingly excellent dynamic conduct. Riding standard is decent for the most portion but unruly potholes will unseat you. It’s stunning that the Dominar has a slightly softer but firm setting at the rear. The Mojo diversifies from the Dominar because of its comfortable ride on the city. It requires limited action to shift path and seems very brisk on its toes, but the Mojo needs to be pushed through. When it comes to riding on highways, the Mojo’s wins the round, as the outstanding transportation quality that absorbs shortcomings just slightly more satisfactorily in comparison to the Dominar. The bare weakness is the Mojo’s fluffy saddle becomes severe after riding a few hours, and the sturdy, steady Dominar seat is reasonably better in this respect. The Dominar’s slim tail portion might permit saddlebags to be a little near for comfort to the back wheel, and the Mojo might be capable of offering offer more significant capacity to carry bags.

Even Though these bikes may be designed focused on activities like touring, they possess distinct durabilities and drawbacks. While the Mojo might attract the road trip crowds that live the long highways, the Dominar 400 is ultimately all-rounder, current scenario assortment. This is a bike that requires minimal maintenance, and you can rise around all day with no worries about technical or mechanical snags. Other than that having a little bumping passage, it gives additional contemporary marks that make it comparatively safer. It has a reasonable price tag, and when considering the non-ABS basis variation of the Dominar, your pocket pinch comes up less than that on The Mojo or The Royal Enfield’s “Himalayan”.There are even offers available for bikes on EMI, you can easily calculate bike loan EMI with Bike Loan EMI Calculator. Therefore, after much consideration, it is very apparent that Bajaj has indeed created a promising motorbike for an incredible rate.

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