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The Best Time To Hire A Plumber


All of us have a few tools to cope up with minor issues in our plumbing system. Most of the times, a clogged drain just needs a plunger to start working again. If you are a DIY kind of person, you can even handle small repair jobs such as replacing the drain cover, but issues more serious than these would need professional help. Trying to repair such issues may sometimes end you up in waist deep water. So, if you need a professional help from a plumber, and you should not try fixing them on your own unless you are a pro.

The Best Time To Hire A Plumber

Here Are A Few Issues That Need Professional Help From A Plumber

Reduced Water Pressure

When water is just trickling from your tap instead of a gush, and if the problem is not related to your municipal water supply, then it is probably because of deposit build-up in the faucet aerator. The water that enters your pipelines has dissolved minerals that deposit on your tap’s metal surface and shower heads. Some faucets have easily removable aerators that you can simply unscrew and clean. But others may not be so easy to remove and they may need professional help from a plumber.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet can be really annoying problem. It not only increases your water bills, but also does not allow you to sleep in peace. When a tap is turned off, the tight seal created by the rubber or silicone washer does not allow water to push its way through the tap. But over time, these washers become torn, dislodged or stiff, and a tiny trickle manages to create an annoying drip. While it is easy to replace the washer yourself, it can be a challenging task without specialised tools that only a plumber comes with.

Clogged Drain

If the water in your sink, toilet or tub refused to go out of the drain, then probably you have a complete or partial clog. You can often use a plunger to fix the problem. The air pressure created by it can dislodge the clog, but sometimes it fails when the clog is too stubborn. Clog removers and drain cleaners can also work, but caustic materials present in them can cause damage to your pipes and parts. If your drain keeps clogging time and again, then you should leave the job to a professional plumber.

Running Toilet

Toilet keeps running after flushing, and thens probably it needs a replacement of its parts. Toilets have a flapper valve that allows water to pass to the bowl from the tank. But if it does not fit any longer, it must have become imbalanced or the fill tube must have become too loose. Although you can use a toilet repair kit to replace the needed parts easily, the issue may not be that simple all the time. If the toilet keeps running even after replacing the float apparatus, flapper and fill tube, then probably there is sediment in the system.

Pipes Leaking

Leaky pipes are an expensive nuisance. Leaks often take place at joints, and they can be fixed with fitting compounds and joint fillers, but they are temporary fixes and permanent repair can be done by an experienced plumber only. Even though replacing leaky joints is not too complex, the process is a messy one and requires a lot of clean up afterwards. So, better leave them to professionals only. By that time, you can temporarily stop the leak with the help of a leak tape or rubber sheet. A plumbing problem means that you don’t think you can handle on your own, then hire a reputed plumber and leave the rest to them.


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