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Range Rover Sport, an SUV with Strong Engine & Multiple Features


Range Rover Sport came into existence in 2014 when there was a requirement for a sportier and compact Range Rover to compete with stiff competition coming from BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Range Rover sport was not the mini–Range Rover any more when Vogue entered the scene and Sport became the mid-sized SUV from Range Rover.

Range Rover Sport, an SUV with Strong Engine & Multiple Features

While the first generation of Range Rover Sport was a work in progress and required many tweaks and upgrades including a complete aluminum body structure and an influx of technological advances, the current Range Rover Sport is almost a finished article. From the Range Rover engines that power this vehicle to the handling that is improved by adding many technological tweaks and from its luxurious cabin to its countless gizmos that aid a sublime driving experience, Range Rover Sport has moved on significantly.

An SUV with Multiple Personalities

Range Rover Sport has achieved even more than was expected from it in the beginning. It’s a jack of all trades and has excelled in all situations. You can surprise the passengers with its acceleration and speed on the tarmac when it comes to show its sports prowess. Land Rover’s years of experience in making off road vehicles means that they have not created a slouch off the tarmac as well. Air suspension and dynamic control with adjustable height means Range Rover Sport can venture into any territory. Range Rover Sport deals superbly with mud, gravel, snow, rocks and sand thanks to its clever terrain response system that immediately changes suspension height, gearbox settings, throttle response and traction control of the vehicle to make it suitable for off roading conditions. Its size defying handling on and off the tarmac makes it a wonderful choice among an array of SUVs.

On the road Range Rover Sport is a completely different beast. Its fast, agile and quiet. The cabin space is plenty for 7 passengers now and instead of wrapping you up like any other sport vehicle, it gives you plenty of space to relax and enjoy the unreal acceleration while the active suspension keeps the body roll at minimal. You get enough support from the technological gizmos to keep you occupied. Infotainment system, front back and even cameras underneath the vehicle provide accurate information about the vehicle position. All in all, Range Rover Sport is as comfortable on the off road as it is at ease on the tarmac.

Engine and Handling

The P400 version uses a straight-six petrol engine that pushes out 395bhp with the help of a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. It’s an engine that imbues the Sport with smooth, potent performance, especially in its low and mid-range – with a 0-62mph time of 5.9 seconds and 140mph maximum speed. The same mild-hybrid tech is included on the D250, D300 and D350 diesel variants, with resulting sprint times of 8.5 seconds, 7.3 seconds and 6.9 seconds, respectively.

As part of the 2018 model year update, Land Rover unveiled a plug-in hybrid version, Jaguar Land Rover’s first PHEV. Wearing the P400e badge, the Range Rover Sport combines a 296bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine with an 85kW electric motor to provide a total output of 398bhp and 640Nm of torque.

It has the claimed ability to travel up to 25 miles on pure electric drive – although this will depend significantly on how careful you are with your right foot – with a top speed of 85mph. It will also give the 5.0-litre V8 a run for its money in pure performance terms, sprinting to 62mph from rest in 6.3 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 137mph. all the above-mentioned engines are marvels of technology but in case you ever require the replacement of any of these engines, Vogue Technics provide used and reconditioned Range Rover Sport engines at most affordable prices.

Exterior and Interior

Range Rover Sport exterior leaves you in no doubt that it was built to turn heads. It is lowered than its larger stablemate which hints at its sportier stance and aerodynamic shape with wrap around head and tail lights and sporty bumpers with integrated exhaust completes the dramatic looks. Black inclined roof is another indication that this vehicle means business on the road.

Two words cover the interior cabin well enough, luxurious and upmarket. Apart from generous use of leather which makes it a very snug feeling, it is also laced with latest gizmos that are fitted all over the cabin. If there is some plastic somewhere then it is very expensive looking finish that again makes you feel that it is an up-market vehicle. Cool mood lighting gives the cabin a warm glow and panoramic glass roof use gestures to be operated.

Practicality of Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport focused on the practicality in the latest edition. Wheel base was stretched a little and an extra row of seats was added to accommodate 7 passengers in total. It may not have its endeared split tailgate but the gesture controlled automatic boot opening makes it up for the loss.

Range Rover Sport may not be as big as its bigger stablemate but it still has enough space for the driver and passenger leg room. Passengers at the back seats are also well off and have ample space available for comfortable seating. Panoramic roof gives a bit more space and feeling of more space when open.

Boot space is a little tight when it is in 7 seats mode but when you fold the last row of seats then you can stretch the capacity to 780 litres and if you fold the middle row of the seats as well then, the capacity goes considerably up to 1750 litres.

Range Rover Sport can also have the towing capacity of 3500 kg which can easily cover a caravan, horsebox or speedboat in its tow.


Admittingly, Range Rover Sport has rivals that are faster and better to drive but you can not claim many that are as luxurious and refined as the Range Rover Sport. You get the peace of mind for its capability in the off roading field as well. The badge value comes in handy too as nothing is more classy than owning a brand new Range Rover Sport.

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