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New Life for Old Houses: Breathing New Life into a Vintage House


Vintage houses undoubtedly have a certain charm about them. However, that charm often gets buried underneath layers of negligence, oblivion, and the burden of decades that have done their best to weaken it. If you want to breathe in new life and hope into your home, there are a number of things you can do whose effect will be anything but disappointing.

New Life for Old Houses: Breathing New Life into a Vintage House

1 – Plan an adequate color palette

Before you begin introducing any bigger changes to the house, plan the colors ahead. Put together a palette that will feel the place more homely and welcoming, and bring warmth into every room. If you are not sure which colors and shades are a good match and which ones to use to achieve a desired effect, don’t hesitate to ask an interior designer for their opinion.

2 – Reconsider all carpets

Carpets are among the most visible details in a home, all the more reason to pay special attention to their condition. First, check all the carpets and rugs in every room and decide which ones are beyond repair and therefore need to be replaced. The new ones should preferably be chosen according to a previously established color palette.

The carpets you are going to keep will need some work done on them. After years of use, they are bound to gather a lot of dirt and dust. Consequently, regardless of how often we vacuum clean them, they turn darker and lose their initial appeal. Deep cleaning them will give them back their spark and help noticeably liven up the entire space.

3 – Refurbish the parquet

Parquet floors look their utmost luxurious when they are properly taken care of and possess their expected gloss. If you have noticed that the parquet in your house has deteriorated and lost its lively vibe, it’s high time for its restoration. If the tiles are far too damaged, they will most likely need replacing. If the damage is not that drastic, the floors will need to be sanded and covered with a layer of gloss. The outcome will be extraordinarily pleasing.

4 – Neutralize and prevent imperfections in and on your walls

Neglecting the walls will eventually lead them to quite a poor state and make the space look gloomy and uninviting. Repaint entirely those walls which have been stained or tainted all over. If you have painted relatively recently, take a brush and some paint and simply cover those annoying scuff marks and dirty spots that have occurred in the meantime. To prevent further damage, it would be wise to set sturdy door stops in every room to stop the door knobs from bashing into the walls and creating ugly dents.

5 – Freshen up your upholstery

Torn up and dirty upholstery has no place in your renovated home. If you think that your furniture still doesn’t require being reupholstered, find reliable cleaning products that will allow you to get rid of stains and other kinds of dirt, freshen up the furniture and restore its former glory.

6 – Polish your furniture

Furniture made of solid wood craves attention and maintenance as well. Regular dusting is therefore necessary, and every once in a while, polish the wood parts of your furniture with special products that will only further enhance the original gloss.

7 – Get rid of old wallpaper

Few things can make the inside of a home appear decrepit as years old wallpaper. Put an end to moldy walls and strips of dirty, peeled off paper and replace them with new ones. If you are not a fan of wallpaper, think of your design or diy project and paint the room to best reflect your taste.

8 – Repaint every kitchen cupboard

Distressed look is a trend nowadays, but it does have its limits. Old cupboards covered in layers of filth are the last thing you want in your kitchen. Sand them to make them smoother and then paint them to make them look fresh and new.

9 – Fix damaged electrical sockets

Not only are damaged sockets dangerous, they are also a great eyesore. If you have noticed that there are ones that are not working properly, not standing in place, or have broken after years of use, make sure you have them replaced. Both for esthetic and for safety reasons.

10 – ‘Update’ your curtains

What looks even worse next to old, moldy wallpaper? A big, gloomy, ancient curtain that hasn’t been washed in years. Replace the old curtains with new ones which will bring a touch of contemporary into your rooms. Besides that, aim for something that will not be completely preventing the natural light from illuminating the inside, but will simply delicately hide it from the outside spectators.

11 – Make room for true beauty

Once you have finished with all the other changes in your home, don’t forget to add that which will make it truly beautiful. Make sure you leave room for your favorite paintings, statues, family photos. Speaking of true beauty, what will surely freshen up your house are plants and flowers, so if you enjoy a touch of nature, make them part of your reinvented environment.

To conclude

A house radiating freshness and opportunity will not only look more appealing, but will also undoubtedly make everyone living in it feel like their life is at the beginning of a new, even better chapter. As strange as it may sound, if you take care of it—your home will also take care of you.

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