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NDIS Gardening Maintenance


Gardening maintenance helps with making your lawn look prettier and tidier. When you can’t do your garden maintenance by yourself, NDIS, which is short for National Disability Insurance Scheme, can fund the garden maintenance you might need for your lawn. Unfortunately you need to be eligible for the NDIS, meaning you need to have a disability which makes you unavailable to do some day-to-day tasks like garden maintenance and cleaning. As well as that, choosing registered gardening maintenance providers is also important, we’ll talk about the reasons down below:

NDIS Gardening Maintenance

Gardening Services

Gardening services are really variable based on needs and whether it’s a necessity or not. Here are some examples for you:

Lawn Mowing

Consistent lawn mowing can keep your grass fresh and it allows for a better look on your lawn. If you can’t mow your lawn because of a disability, this service might come in handy for you.

Gardening and Mulching

Gardening and mulching can be laborious, especially if you have a disability that might be slowing you down. If that’s the case this service can be incredibly useful for you.

Garden Clean-Up and Trimming

As with other services, if your disability is making it harder for you to clean your lawn, clean-up and trimming services can be a great help for you.

The Difference of Being NDIS Approved

Being registered means that the company has gone through a laborious registration progress in order to become a registered gardening maintenance service provider. Which means that the company has proved their quality and that they have a high set of standards. Registered providers also have plan managers for the individuals so you don’t have to self manage your plan.

What’s the Conditions of getting Funded by the NDIS?

In order to be eligible you must be an Australian citizen between ages of 7 and 65, and have a disability, which affects the individual on an intellectual, cognitive, physical and/or psychosocial level. The service that you want needs to also be necessary and reasonable. You can learn more information about eligibility from your doctor.

Does NDIS Fund Gardening, Cleaning and Home-Maintenance
It does, in the case that it is necessary and reasonable, and if it’s related to the individual’s disability to do stuff. These supports are also based on three categories, which are:

Core Funding

This funding is for day-to-day consumables and low-cost equipment, which helps you become more independent.

Capacity Funding

Capacity funding is for people who want to build new skills in order to have more independence in their personal lives. Some examples for this might be to learn new skills to get a new job or to keep working at the job you’re in right now

Capital Funding

Capital funding is for people who might be in the need for higher cost technologies such as wheelchairs or in-home installments.

Daily expenses, such as phone bills or foods are not in the funding of the NDIS. And also other services outside of the NDIS will not change if you apply for funding from the NDIS, these services which are outside of the NDIS may be transportation, education and/or health based services funded by the Australian government.

NDIS Garden Maintenance Provider Sydney

Our registered NDIS providers can help you with your lawn. That is why our hardworking gardening maintenance providers will try to give you the best service possible. You can learn more by getting in touch with our NDIS gardening maintenance providers by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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