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Measure Up Your Grill Oven For The Perfect Grill Cover Fit


Unless you are sure of the grill model you are using and its sizes, you can never be right with the size of the cover. Each grill manufacturing company has its own models, and every one of them is different in size and shape. So, unless you have prepared yourself with the best grill oven size, you cannot opt for the right size of the cover as well. Measuring your grill is the prime target to consider while planning to but cover for it.

Measure Up Your Grill Oven For The Perfect Grill Cover Fit

After measuring the size, if you can’t find any option which is matching your necessary oven size, you can gladly address for the customized options. You are likely to receive top-graded services from that lot too.

Some of the covering tips to address:

The standard grill covers are not likely to touch the ground. It gives up room for air to circulate properly under the cover, which will again prevent and reduce mold, water buildup and mildew.

  • Make sure to select one grill cover size, which is a bit bigger than your average grill size. The bigger it gets the better coverage you can expect.
  • Make sure to cool down the grill surface first before covering. It will prevent the grill cover from getting damaged. Good temperature gauge will help the grill to cool down to touch before covering.

Ways to measure it first:

There are some steps to follow while trying to measure your grill first for the perfect fitted cover. Remember to follow these points well before the final say.

  • Make sure to measure the current width of barbecue. Most of the covers are based on that. Measure the farthest points of each side as the initial step to take.
  • Now, you need to measure the depth of barbeque. With lid closed, measure the distant from front to back of BBQ grill. You need to include the lid handle, knobs and more such parts within your measurement.
  • Next stop, you have to measure the height of barbeque. The height of how tall the BBQ grill is from the ground is always a fine choice to measure before the final call.

Primarily, it is mandatory for you to find a cover, which will reach the top of wheels of BBQ grill. If you have come across any such option, then you are good to go.

Ask experts to help you out with the measurement:

If you cannot find it an easy task to measure the grill on your own, it is better to ask experts for the right help. They have years of experience in grill covers and can assist you with the best find. You can even get the covers from the manufacturers of grill oven, just to be on the safer side. Finding the exact size won’t be a difficult scenario then. So, waste no time further and catch up with the best grill oven covers right away from the expert teams of course.

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